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Settlement negotiations in divorce may stop other actions

Texas divorce negotiations may override the need or desire for a spouse to pursue pending domestic violence proceedings against the other spouse. This is precisely what appears to be happening in a divorce proceeding between a major league baseball star and his wife. The wife has declined an interview with major league baseball investigators due to the pendency of settlement negotiations involving both sides and their attorneys.

Baseball authorities have a procedure to interview domestic violence victims and to take punitive actions against players found to be guilty of abuse. In this case, attorneys for Melisa Russell, wife of shortstop Addison Russell, have issued a statement saying that the Melisa did not feel it was in the interest of her and her son to go ahead with the interview. The attorneys indicated that settlement negotiations were taking place in the divorce filed by Melisa recently.

Car accidents involving teens increase significantly in June

In Texas and throughout the country, this is the time of the year when accidents involving teen drivers increase significantly. Proms, graduation parties, vacations and the like bring about a greater chance of impaired teen drivers. In addition, car accidents involving distracted driving are rising rapidly among teens as well as in the general populace.

This harsh dynamic was reflected by another tragic mishap that occurred on June 7 in Gillespie County on State Highway 16. An 18-year old male was operating an SUV with three teenage passengers in a northerly direction south of Fredericksburg. The operator allowed the vehicle to cross the roadway and go into the flow of oncoming traffic that was southbound on the highway.

Multiple-vehicle truck accidents often require forensic analysis

Texas has its share of serious accidents involving trucks. When a truck gets involved in a chain-reaction type of crash, the human carnage can carry a big toll. It is also difficult in some cases to apportion liability among the various participants in truck accidents that involve a chain-reaction scenario.

With modern comparative negligence laws, the degree or percentage of fault must often be attributed to each of the drivers in a multi-vehicle collision. Each chain reaction has its own configuration, making it impossible to classify or predict how such collisions will play out. In Robertson County, a deadly four-vehicle chain-reaction crash occurred on the southbound lanes of State Highway 6 at about 5:15 a.m. on June 7. 

Here's what happens if you violate probation

Probation is a time when you leave detention in exchange for your good behavior. For example, if you go to court and the judge decides that you can have probation instead of prison time as long as you follow the rules of the probation, then you're held to the terms of probation instead of being placed in a prison.

If you violate probation, there's a chance you could face the prison sentence you faced originally. There are many ways to violate probation that you should understand, so you can avoid violating it at all costs.

Truck accidents follow comparative fault rules of liability

Texas highways are riddled with reports of truck accidents involving large trucks colliding with cars and sometimes with much smaller trucks. The cause of these truck accidents is not always clearly evident. Such an accident occurred on the morning of May 22 in Midland when an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck collided on the Garden City Highway.

The driver of the pickup was declared dead by responders. Both vehicles were driving westbound on the roadway when the 18-wheeler moved into the outside lane to maneuver a right turn onto a business driveway fronting on the Garden City Highway, per a Midland police press release. The pickup, traveling on the inside lane, kept going forward until it collided with the turning truck.

Child custody may be severely limited regarding convicted father

Child custody cases in Texas share similar procedural and substantive legal rules with all other states. The recent case of a disgraced former Congressman, including his divorce and child custody problems with his spouse, would likely play out under the same set of principles in this state. The couple's divorce case recently moved toward closure as the defendant husband admitted to criminal behavior involving illegal texting with a minor.

The former U.S. Congressman is Anthony Weiner and his estranged spouse is Huma Abedin. Weiner's wayward life brought the emails on his computer into suspicion during the last presidential race, and the investigation, made just before the election, is said by some political observers to have swayed the results. Recently, Weiner went before a court to plead guilty to criminal charges regarding his liaison with a 15-year-old girl to whom he sent obscene text messages.

State Senate zeroes in on distracted driving accidents

At least 46 states now ban texting and driving. Texas is not one of them. The state legislature is, however, debating just such a bill in the Senate right now. Although there is the two-thirds vote ready to approve the Senate version of the bill, efforts are stalled in committee until further support is obtained. The legislation is being promoted to help reduce the increasing numbers of distracted driving accidents.

The holdup is due to twists of Texas politics, one aspect being the Lieutenant Governor's threat to stop the bill if more senators do not sign on. Although HB 62 has previously been approved in the House and voted out of committee in the Senate, its passage was held up on wording that would require that the violation occur simultaneously with a separate traffic violation, such as passing a red light. Understandably, law enforcement agencies objected strenuously to that part of the bill, calling it unenforceable.

Truck accidents on 2-lane roads often result in fatalities

Trucking accidents in Texas are a continual problem that take a big toll in human loss, suffering and the destruction of family units. Truck accidents that occur on older, two-lane highways, are particularly frustrating. An example of that occurred this past weekend on State Highway 22 near the town of Hillsboro.

This accident was atypical in that the truck driver was apparently the innocent victim, and was also seriously injured. He was heading east on the road when a 32-year-old male driving an SUV in a westward direction pulled out to pass another westbound vehicle. That is a dangerous move on a two-lane highway, and it must always be done with the utmost care and vigilance for vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Parental kidnapping concerns? You have ways to protect your child

One of the last things you ever want to see happen is for your child to go missing. It's possible, especially if you and your ex-spouse have arguments over visitation and custody. While many people argue without ever having any real, life-altering issues affect their cases, some end up with situations where one parent takes the law into his or her own hands. In those cases, children can and do go missing with that parent.

Parental kidnapping is against the law, and it's enough of a problem that the Hague Convention helps bring children home from participating countries after they've been taken away by their parents. For situations where the child is in the country, it's an easier task to find and bring him or her home, although it can still be hard to track the parent who has fled.

Negligent driver crosses lanes, strikes bus; 2 dead, 17 injured

The Texas highways are filled with innocent people who generally are driving safely and following the rules. No one can predict which of those innocent persons will be struck down by a negligent driver who loses control of his or her vehicle. When it happens to a social or educational group traveling in a private charter bus, the tragedy may be multiplied and affect the lives of many persons.

That kind of incident occurred recently on U.S. 62/180 in Hudspeth County when a driver crossed from the eastbound lane into the westbound lane and caused a head-on crash with a charter bus carrying athletes and coaches returning from a track meet. The wayward operator was killed in the crash, along with a 48-year-old Irwin High School coach who was riding in the bus. About 17 people on the bus were taken to two El Paso hospitals.

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