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Selena's brother sent to jail over child support arrearages

In Texas, the family law court has the power to put someone in jail for failing to pay child support. This is generally accomplished through the contempt powers of the court when a child support order is contemptuously ignored by the parent who owes back child support. Recently, a judge in Corpus Christi ordered the incarceration of A.B. Quintanilla, who is the brother of the deceased singing superstar, Selena.

The defendant was a member of the band that played with Selena prior to her death in 1995, when the president of her fan club murdered her. The defendant reportedly owes more than $87,000 in child support for one child. The Texas Attorney General's Office reported that the last amount paid by the musician was $16.84 in Sept. 2015.

Trucking negligence: 4-truck pileup on I-35, 1 trucker dead

Rear-end crashes involving a line of cars stopped at a traffic signal are somewhat common events in Texas and nationwide. A pileup of several 18-wheelers in a chain rear-end collision is unusual and rarely seen. It happened recently in Frio County, about five miles south of Pearsall,  on I-35 at about 5:45 p.m. It appears that trucking negligence was in some way or another responsible for the accident.

The incident did not involve a traffic signal but instead traffic had slowed down for debris in the road. Four tractor truck semi-trailers crashed into the rear of each other as they tried to slow down. A truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene, indicating either a fatal illness or an intensely violent crash involving high speeds.

Court rejects wife's appeal of immigrant husband's divorce decree

There are several negative outcomes that can arise when an American citizen marries an immigrant to allow that person to become a citizen. In one Texas case, a woman admittedly married a man from another country to facilitate his ability to become a citizen. She later discovered that he had already been married to someone in his country for many years. The woman tried to file a divorce action but found that the man had already filed for a divorce with forged documents.

She claimed that her sister took her identification and signed in front of a notary without her permission or knowledge. She then filed an action alleging breach of contract, fraud and violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act against the former husband and several other defendants who allegedly assisted him in the fraudulent proceedings. While her claim was pending, the husband died.

Can I modify my parenting plan?

For many parents, life on the other side of a divorce is very different from what they anticipated. This is especially true for many parents who have to create a parenting plan to address how they work together to raise a child from the relationship.

It is fairly common for a parenting plan or custody arrangement to be a burden on one or both parents, especially if a parent experiences a significant change in circumstances. What once seemed like a reasonable agreement may turn untenable quite unexpectedly, and modifying the custody arrangement or other aspect of a parenting plan may present a helpful solution.

Dog survives serious injuries, found 5 days after crash

Texas is a big state with big stories, many of them dealing with vehicular accidents of all sizes and varieties. There are many untold stories of pain, suffering and tragic loss that fill the lives of victims who suffer serious injuries in those accidents. A recent serious accident has a touching and heartwarming story that made its way to the national news.

A young couple were both seriously injured on July 11 when their car was rear-ended by a large truck on the southbound ramp to I-75. Their car was little more than a mangled glob of steel, unrecognizable from its pre-accident appearance. The two occupants each had back injuries, with the wife suffering two fractures in her back.

Rookie running back accused of gun charge, marijuana possession

Cases against sports figures regarding drug usage have become rather commonplace in Texas and nationwide. A recent incident at a state university involved the arrest of D'Onta Foreman, a highly touted rookie running back for the Houston Texans. University police charged him with marijuana possession and the unlawful carrying of a weapon.

University of Texas Police issued a statement saying that they responded to a report of the smell of marijuana coming from three occupied vehicles near a campus residence hall. They identified Foreman as the possessor of a gun that was in one vehicle and discovered marijuana in all three vehicles. They arrested him for unlawful carrying of a weapon and marijuana possession.

Parents must not turn to violence in child custody matters

A significant percentage of child custody and support cases make up the family law landscape in Texas. These cases can occasionally become problematic where the parents do not act responsibly to assure the best interests of the children. Some parents and other family members will take a hardened emotional stance against the other parent in a child custody dispute, thus exacerbating the trauma that the children may have to experience.

In some situations, a dispute may arise over child support. One or both parents may use the child custody card to compel compliance with support obligations. Sometimes, a dispute over the amount of child support will create the same unfortunate dynamics. Parents should understand that when they are willing to impact the happiness of their children by using vindictive strategies against the other parent, the courts will treat such situations harshly against the violating parent.

Custody and summer vacation: 3 tips to help make summer fun

Child custody doesn't have to be a struggle, and in most cases, a good parenting plan goes a distance toward helping resolve disputes. When it comes to the school year, most parents know they need to work out who is home when their child is and who is available on the weekends or for events.

The summer changes everything, though. Some children have few extracurricular activities, and that means they'll be at home much more often. Others have dozens of activities and things they want to do, which can put a strain on working parents.

Estates of minor children likely to collect in car accidents

Minor children who are passengers will generally be entitled to collect personal injury damages in Texas regardless of who was at fault in causing the accident. The question may come up with respect to one of the more serious and tragic car accidents occurring in the state, which took place recently on Highway 191 in Midland. Authorities report that a 27-year-old mother from Odessa drove her vehicle onto the highway in the wrong direction.

While operating eastbound in the westbound lane of 191, she collided with a vehicle occupied by two men. The mother, her 6-year-old daughter, and her 6-week old daughter all died. The two men in the other vehicle also died in the accident. This would appear to have been a distracted driving accident, with the woman carelessly entering the highway in the wrong manner.

Drug charges for possession may qualify for deferred sentence

Texas residents have traditionally faced steep criminal penalties for state or federal violations of the controlled substances laws. Extended jail sentences for drug sales, and sometimes for mere possession, have been structured into the criminal justice protocol for decades since the inception of the war on drugs. Mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug charges have been harshly applied and utilized to bring about the mass incarceration of minority members.

Fortunately, in Texas there is a possibility for accused individuals who qualify to obtain the benefit of a "deferred sentence" for certain drug possession charges. That valuable option was applied recently in the arrest of a 24-year old female actor from the Oscar-nominated movie "Boyhood." The actor was arrested by Texas authorities on drug charges after being involved in a collision with another vehicle on Interstate 35 in May 2016.

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