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DUIs and background investigations for employment

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a drunk driving conviction on your record is the way it can affect your future employability. Texas employers normally are not permitted to discriminate against prospective new-hires, but this isn't the case when someone has a bad mark on his or her criminal record.

Since Texas employers can legally choose not to hire you because you have a DWI conviction on your record, you may want to take your DWI defense seriously. However, what if you've already been convicted? What should you know about background checks?

Here's how employers conduct background checks

An official criminal background check will offer an employer approximately 20 different kinds of information on a given candidate. These categories of information include vehicle registrations, driving records, criminal records, character references, court records, incarceration records and neighbor interviews.

In some cases, the employer will ask employees questions about past felony convictions and lesser crimes. In all cases, employees are best-served to be honest and up front in answering questions from their employers about past offenses. An employer might be willing to overlook a DWI conviction if the particular job does not involve driving. However, if the applicant is caught after lying about past convictions, it will probably result in disqualification from being eligible for the job.

In addition to formalized background checks, some employers readily use Facebook to research a prospective job applicant. Via a quick search on Facebook, employers may be able to glean a lot of unexpected facts and information about a prospective applicant.

Do you have a DWI on your criminal record?

Individuals with a DWI on their background checks will want to understand their legal rights and options. Those who have been charged with a DWI, on the other hand, will want to vigorously defend themselves against the charges to prevent the threat of future consequences relating to having a DWI conviction on their criminal records.

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