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Criminal defense lawyers ready to defend Medicare fraud suspects

Medicare and Medicaid fraud continue to be serious crimes in Texas. They represent not only a drain on federal and state monetary resources, but are also a corrupting influence on others who would like to find a way to make some quick money.  Recently, a federal task force targeted over 590 suspects, including at least 150 from the medical profession. This nationwide Medicare fraud takedown is touted to be the largest healthcare fraud enforcement dragnet in American history. As such, criminal defense attorneys are gearing up to provide necessary defense services to the accused persons.

Getting a DUI: Boating and your risk of a DUI

Whether you enjoy heading out on the water for a day in the sun or prefer to stay along the coast while you fish, boating is a lot of fun. Many people head out with beers or other alcohol, but that's not always a good idea. If you drink too much, you can still be accused of a DUI and end up with a BUI for boating under the influence.

Search and seizure in Texas must be constitutionally compliant

Whenever a search warrant is involved in a police investigation and arrest in Texas, criminal defense counsel must be vigilant from the outset to closely examine all aspects of the alleged determination of probable cause. Every citizen is assured the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure tactics by the police. This often comes up as an issue when the search and seizure relates to an arrest on drug charges.

Alleged negligent driver kills man on scooter

Intersections in Texas cities are hazardous areas -- especially for those riding motorcycles, bicycles or scooters. These vehicles offer no protection for the riders, and even if a rider wears a helmet, he or she could suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries if struck by a vehicle with a negligent driver. Such was the sad fate of a 42-year-old Dallas scooter rider on a recent Monday.

Truck driver has personal injury claim after tragic accident

Texas has numerous highways that have only two or three lanes for all traffic going in both directions. The potential for death and personal injury on these roadways is substantial due to the tendency of some drivers to pass when passing is unsafe. Passing should only be attempted when a driver is absolutely certain that no traffic is coming in the other direction. It should not be attempted where the view ahead is limited due to curves or hills that restrict the scope of a driver's sight. 

Child custody court decisions are based on the best interest test

In Texas, child custody is often referred to as a "conservatorship." Texas child custody law contains a presumption that the parents should be granted a joint managing conservatorship. This involves the sharing of equal management and possessory rights in the children and their upbringing. This is essentially the same thing as joint or shared custody concepts that are applied in other states.

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