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Month: July 2018

New tax laws carry consequences for those considering a divorce

People in Texas and elsewhere who are contemplating a divorce may face urgent decisions that necessitate an immediate meeting with a family law attorney. The changes in the tax laws enacted by the U.S. Congress call for some of the new provisions to become effective...

Divorce negotiations are best conducted by informed parties

A recent survey reported in Texas and nationwide indicated that some women came through divorce with surprise financial experiences that were more demanding and disappointing than they had expected. The best defense for women to avoid some or all of those surprises is...

Drug charges: Don’t risk getting caught with fentanyl

Fentanyl, a man-made opiate, is a pain reliever and often used in combination with anesthesia. It's common in hospitals, thanks to the small amount needed to provide patients with pain relief. The trouble with Fentanyl is that it has hit the streets, and many drugs...