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October 2018 Archives

Texas man dies after car accident with a street racer

The popularity of street racing has skyrocketed over recent years, and some television shows even glorify it and make it appear fun and lucrative. What is not stressed enough is just how dangerous a hobby like this can be. Far too many drivers have been killed in accidents involving street racing, and those deaths don't just involve the racers, as innocent bystanders are often caught in the crossfire. That was the case this week when a Texas man lost his life in a car accident involving street racing.

Modifications can help parents pay support on time

Withholding child support isn't always something people do out of spite. In fact, it's very likely that the person can't afford it or has had an emergency come up. If you are someone who struggles to pay support or who has not been receiving the support you're owed, one thing that might help is a child-support modification.

Texas baby shower ends with charges for violent offenses

There are certain occasions in a woman's life that she daydreams about from the time she is a little girl. Her prom, her marriage proposal, her wedding and her baby shower all have played out a thousand times in her mind before the day ever comes. When a woman envisions how her baby shower will be, she often thinks of a room dripping with pink or blue decorations, balloons, storks, gifts and a doting father. Nowhere in that vision are guns, threats and arrests. Unfortunately that's the way it turned out for a Texas woman recently whose baby shower ended with her boyfriend being arrested for violent offenses.

How many lives are lost due to truck driver fatigue?

A lot of research is done on the causes and impact of fatigue on driver safety. However, it's difficult to say how many fatal Texas truck accidents are due to truck driver fatigue. Truckers spend many hours on the road, and even if they get enough sleep, the monotony of the roadway and the sound of the engine could cause sleepiness.

Drug charges for opioid prescriptions lead to guilty pleas

Physicians in Texas have been put on alert regarding the excess prescribing of opioid painkillers through lengthy prison sentences indicated for at least two doctors here in recent months. Both doctors were prosecuted on federal drug charges for overprescribing pain killers and for allegedly contributing to the deaths of several of their patients. The most recent guilty plea was entered in federal court by a North Texas doctor who was the principal physician at a pain and wellness center.

Divorce may encounter issues of division of business assets

A woman may be involved in a business enterprise with her spouse when the need for a divorce arises. In Texas and elsewhere this will raise issues of property division and will impact all of the financial issues that are presented during the divorce litigation. The woman may end up with a controlling interest in the business or she may be compelled to sell out her interest to the spouse as part of the settlement agreement.

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