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Maintaining strong bonds through child custody

Many people commonly view divorce as the splitting up of a family. However, family bonds can remain strong, especially those between a parent and the children, even after a Texas couple chooses to end a marriage. Of course, those bonds can depend a great deal on how child custody is handled.

Felony charge, other allegations likely after corpse found

The choices that some people make can seem unbelievable to others. In fact, many individuals may never understand why a person decided to take or to not take certain actions. Of course, there are two sides to each story, and even if a person's decisions result in him or her facing felony charges, that person's side of the story should still be heard.

Serious injuries, fatalities result from Texas crash

Some drivers may think that they are safer on roads that have physical medians that separate the opposite lanes of travel. While these medians may help in some ways, they do not always prevent serious crashes from taking place when a driver crosses into the wrong lanes. Unfortunately, serious injuries can often result from such incidents.

Moving after divorce could be affected by property division

Moving on after ending a marriage can be difficult. Though some people may feel ready to make major changes as soon as the divorce case gets underway, that may not be feasible. In fact, many of the actions that Texas residents may be able to take could depend on the terms of their court orders or settlements, including those related to property division.

Joint child custody needs the right schedule

Ending a marriage can be difficult for any Texas resident, but for individuals with children, additional difficulties may be a part of their cases. Child custody arrangements can certainly be a sticking point for many people, but for some parents, joint custody may be the agreement they feel will best suit their families. Of course, parenting together after divorce is not always easy.

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