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Texas woman arrested for assault against husband and officers

Police have to respond to a wide variety of situations. Many will say that some of the riskiest and most unpredictable types of calls they respond to are domestic assault calls. Most of these calls are in a victim's home, where guns and other dangers may be present. Law enforcement often don't know who is in the house, what condition they are in and what other types of hidden dangers are there.  Two officers responded to this type of call recently in a Texas home.

Neighbor's apartment fire leads to massive heroin, meth find

Neighbors can be a blessing as well as a pain. While some neighbors can be great about babysitting, feeding the dog or loaning that cup of sugar, other neighbors are more of a problem than a help. Some are nosy, rude or just plain weird. Someone in Texas can now blame his neighbor for leading police to almost $3 million worth of heroin, meth and fentanyl in his apartment thanks to a fire in the neighbor's home.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

One would think that those who are trying to avoid interaction with police would be very careful with their actions and would try not to draw attention to themselves. Often, however, those arrested for serious crimes would not have been caught had it not been for carelessness. Traffic offenses have led to the arrest of many for much more serious crimes. That is the case with a Texas man who was recently arrested for drug charges following a traffic stop.

Three sought in Texas homeless center felony theft

There are few things in life that can make one feel more vulnerable and dependent than being homeless. The homeless situation in Texas and across the country is a very serious, ongoing problem. There are people who have dedicated their lives to helping those who don't have a home of their own. Although the job is very rewarding, there are times when it has its drawbacks as well. A man who runs a homeless center in Texas is experiencing some of the strains of the job after the felony theft of about $15,000 in electronics from his center by one of the men he was helping.

Mother, daughter facing drug charges for heroin and marijuana

Everyone has made some choices in their lives that they don't want absolutely everyone to know about. For most people, when making questionable decisions or doing things that may not be legal, the last person they want to know about it is their mothers. But sometimes the mother is right there alongside, taking part in the action as well. That could be the case with a mother and daughter in Texas who are now facing drug charges for possession of heroin and cocaine.

Texas baby shower ends with charges for violent offenses

There are certain occasions in a woman's life that she daydreams about from the time she is a little girl. Her prom, her marriage proposal, her wedding and her baby shower all have played out a thousand times in her mind before the day ever comes. When a woman envisions how her baby shower will be, she often thinks of a room dripping with pink or blue decorations, balloons, storks, gifts and a doting father. Nowhere in that vision are guns, threats and arrests. Unfortunately that's the way it turned out for a Texas woman recently whose baby shower ended with her boyfriend being arrested for violent offenses.

Drug charges for opioid prescriptions lead to guilty pleas

Physicians in Texas have been put on alert regarding the excess prescribing of opioid painkillers through lengthy prison sentences indicated for at least two doctors here in recent months. Both doctors were prosecuted on federal drug charges for overprescribing pain killers and for allegedly contributing to the deaths of several of their patients. The most recent guilty plea was entered in federal court by a North Texas doctor who was the principal physician at a pain and wellness center.

Governor proposes new changes in how bail bonds are issued

Texas authorities, including legislators and law enforcement agencies, have announced a set of new proposals for a purported "reform" of the bail system in Texas. The overall effect of the changes appear at least on the surface to be geared toward letting fewer accused persons obtain vital bail bonds for release pending court proceedings. With the devil always being in the details, whether the new legislation will pass and whether it will improve criminal justice in the state remains to be seen.

Criminal defense attorneys will appear for arrested juveniles

A recent report commissioned by several non-profit Texas organizations has concluded that arrests of juveniles for terroristic threats and firearms violations are up dramatically since the horrific mass shootings in schools throughout the country that occurred in 2018. The report also concluded that many students are being shuffled into the juvenile criminal justice system for crimes that would have been considered moderate disciplinary problems in the past. Criminal defense attorneys are the best protection for juveniles against such reactionary policies.

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