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Texas man dies after car accident with a street racer

The popularity of street racing has skyrocketed over recent years, and some television shows even glorify it and make it appear fun and lucrative. What is not stressed enough is just how dangerous a hobby like this can be. Far too many drivers have been killed in accidents involving street racing, and those deaths don't just involve the racers, as innocent bystanders are often caught in the crossfire. That was the case this week when a Texas man lost his life in a car accident involving street racing.

Serious injuries to cyclists can be reduced by safe passing laws

Texas is experiencing growing numbers of accidents involving bicycle riders on the state's highways. Some experts recommend the passage of a safe passing law that will regulate how motorized vehicles treat cyclists and will promote safe sharing of roadways with cyclists. The most recent incident in the state resulted in the death on Sept. 10 of a 19-year-old man who was struck by a vehicle on a road in Mercedes. A woman was killed and another suffered serious injuries from a motor vehicle collision a few weeks before that on a road outside of Harlingen.

Texas car accidents: Motorcyclist killed in collision

There are a variety of different ways to safely and legally utilize Texas roadways. Unfortunately, the action of some drivers place others at risk, especially when motorcyclists are involved. When car accidents do involve motorcycles, the lack of relative protection often leaves riders facing serious injuries.

Alleged negligent driver kills mother of 2 on first school day

A school community of an elementary school in Texas was rocked on the first school day when a fatal accident occurred in the parking lot. A police chief in El Paso says an investigation into the crash is underway. Although he noted that the man who caused the accident was at fault, no charges were immediately filed against the alleged negligent driver.

Serious injuries require top protocols for blood transfusions

When someone is seriously injured in a vehicular accident in Texas, personal injury attorneys are skilled in assisting the victim and his or her family in making a claim for monetary damages. A professional, experienced legal advocate is essential to obtaining the maximum monetary recovery available under the circumstances. First, however, where there are serious injuries, the primary focus is on the victim's medical treatment and prospects for physical survival.

Alleged negligent driver kills man on scooter

Intersections in Texas cities are hazardous areas -- especially for those riding motorcycles, bicycles or scooters. These vehicles offer no protection for the riders, and even if a rider wears a helmet, he or she could suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries if struck by a vehicle with a negligent driver. Such was the sad fate of a 42-year-old Dallas scooter rider on a recent Monday.

Compensation is owed to accident victims in crossover accident

Whenever an operator of a car crosses the highway and strikes an oncoming vehicle in Texas or elsewhere, the errant driver is considered negligent or reckless, and damages will be owed to any victims injured by that wrongful activity. The negligence of the driver does not mean that he or she intends to cause an accident; instead it refers to the failure to use due care under the circumstances to prevent an incident from occurring. In egregious cases, where the driving rises to a level more serious than negligence, punitive damages may be assessed against the at-fault driver as additional compensation to the victims.

Estates of passengers killed in car accidents may claim damages

Fatal vehicular accidents in Texas are full of horror and unbelievable sorrow for a decedent's family members. The reverberations into a community may continue for months and even years after the victims of such car accidents are put to rest. When a fatality is to a passenger in one of the vehicles, the estate of the passenger may bring a wrongful death civil claim for damages against one or more drivers who were negligent or reckless in causing the fatality.

Car crashes into home, 5 injured, insurance issues may emerge

Texas sees its fair share of accidents in which a vehicle goes off the roadway and crashes into a building. The people inside the home or business sometimes escape serious injury due to being protected by the structure. In one recent incident, however, circumstances took a twist that resulted in serious personal injuries to the occupants and may have raised insurance issues.

Negligent driver leaves highway, SUV rolls over, 1 child dead

There is a reason why Texas has laws requiring people to keep minors duly restrained in a moving vehicle. For one thing, anyone who is not strapped down may be easily ejected from a vehicle that is involved in a sudden crash or a rollover. That is the tragic result that occurred in a recent fatal accident on FM 1637 near China Spring when the apparently negligent driver of an SUV lost control around a curve and traveled off the road, then rolled over, according to the Texas Department of Safety.

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