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Hit-and-run accident raises serious insurance issues

There are thousands of hit-and-run accidents in Texas each year. One in 5 of all pedestrian fatalities nationwide are classified as hit-and-run, according to the American Automobile Association. This type of accident raises insurance issues where there are injuries or deaths caused by the absent driver. If the tortfeasor has absconded, who is going to compensate the injured victims or the estates of deceased victims?

7 suffer personal injury, are hospitalized after rear-end crash

In Texas as well as elsewhere, the initial media reports on a vehicular accident must be viewed with some skepticism. The details of the accident will be more accurately reported by the authorities after at least preliminary investigations are conducted. Reports about the cause of the accident and the degree of personal injury suffered by the participants are always subject to change due to more accurate findings.

Texas car accidents marked by horrific streak of fatalities

When a death occurs in a Texas vehicular accident, it may be contributing to a remarkable and unwanted streak that haunts the historical annals of the state. The state has gone for 6,210 consecutive days in which there has been a fatal car crash, a streak that authorities are urging Texans to work on snapping. The last day that Texas car accidents did not result in at least one fatality was on Nov. 7, 2000.

Negligent driver jumps gate, injures 5 children at daycare center

Some accidents are so unintentional that it is difficult to place moral blame on the party who caused the mishap. That is probably the case in a recent tragedy that occurred when a 17-year-old male who was learning how to drive crashed a gate to a Texas daycare center, injuring five children and one adult who were outside the building. The negligent driver reportedly hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, sending the car into an uncontrolled plunge onto the private property.

Car accidents account for nearly 40,000 fatalities per year

Every year there are nearly 40,000 deaths from auto accidents in the country, according to the statistics kept by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Broken down by state, the agency's statistics show that Texas led the country in 2015 with 3,516 fatalities. However, given the large population of the state, its proportional contribution to traffic fatalities in car accidents was not that close to the top.

New Texas law aims to prevent distracted driving accidents

In the last couple of decades cell phones have rapidly changed the way many motorists focus when they drive. They allow drivers to multi-task by making phone calls, navigating road trips, listening to books or music or browsing social media. Unfortunately, they have also resulted in large number of distracted driving accidents. Recently, Texas law makers have passed a law making it illegal to text and drive.

Women suffers serious injuries in car's fall from parking garage

It's one thing to see one's car fall from the seventh floor of a Texas parking garage onto the sidewalk below. It is a wholly different kind of emotional fright when the owner is in the car when it takes that deep plunge. It actually happened last month in Austin when a female operator fell seven floors to the ground below at the Littlefield Garage. Not surprisingly, she suffered life-threatening serious injuries.

Dog survives serious injuries, found 5 days after crash

Texas is a big state with big stories, many of them dealing with vehicular accidents of all sizes and varieties. There are many untold stories of pain, suffering and tragic loss that fill the lives of victims who suffer serious injuries in those accidents. A recent serious accident has a touching and heartwarming story that made its way to the national news.

Estates of minor children likely to collect in car accidents

Minor children who are passengers will generally be entitled to collect personal injury damages in Texas regardless of who was at fault in causing the accident. The question may come up with respect to one of the more serious and tragic car accidents occurring in the state, which took place recently on Highway 191 in Midland. Authorities report that a 27-year-old mother from Odessa drove her vehicle onto the highway in the wrong direction.

Car accidents involving teens increase significantly in June

In Texas and throughout the country, this is the time of the year when accidents involving teen drivers increase significantly. Proms, graduation parties, vacations and the like bring about a greater chance of impaired teen drivers. In addition, car accidents involving distracted driving are rising rapidly among teens as well as in the general populace.

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