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State Senate zeroes in on distracted driving accidents

At least 46 states now ban texting and driving. Texas is not one of them. The state legislature is, however, debating just such a bill in the Senate right now. Although there is the two-thirds vote ready to approve the Senate version of the bill, efforts are stalled in committee until further support is obtained. The legislation is being promoted to help reduce the increasing numbers of distracted driving accidents.

Negligent driver crosses lanes, strikes bus; 2 dead, 17 injured

The Texas highways are filled with innocent people who generally are driving safely and following the rules. No one can predict which of those innocent persons will be struck down by a negligent driver who loses control of his or her vehicle. When it happens to a social or educational group traveling in a private charter bus, the tragedy may be multiplied and affect the lives of many persons.

Negligent driver was texting, 13 die from crash into mini-bus

A tragic accident in Texas once again reminds the public that texting and driving is a sure way to increase the chances for loss of life and serious personal injuries. The accident involved the driver of a pickup truck who was reportedly texting and driving for a lengthy stretch on a two-lane road about 75 miles west of San Antonio, according to witnesses. The apparently negligent driver is reported to have gone over the yellow line and struck a mini-bus carrying elder members of a church group.

Teen's death adds to the toll of tragic car accidents in Texas

The reports of tragic deaths of high school students in vehicular accidents seem to never subside, including in Texas. The portrayal of the lives and bright futures lost is devastating to the families and friends of the victims in such car accidents. The most recent heartbreaking story is about the death of a 17-year-old girl on a rainy road in Arlington on March 5.

Negligent driver crashes into daycare center, injures 7

A miracle was at work in Texas recently when an SUV crashed into a day care facility in Cibolo. The vehicle swept at least five of the children underneath the vehicle, where they were found after it stopped moving. Incredibly, the children will survive with treatable injuries. In the bizarre turn of events, one teacher also ended up under the vehicle with two babies in her arms. Six children were taken to hospitals for treatment, and the apparently negligent driver was also taken for evaluation.

Personal injury claim may be pursued by estate in fatal crash

Negligence principles in Texas and other states govern the rules of liability dealing with car accidents. When a driver is negligent and causes the death of a passenger, the estate of the decedent has a personal injury action for compensation against the operator. When the operator also dies in the accident and is the immediate family member of the deceased passenger, the passenger's estate can still collect damages.

Victims of car accidents may turn to underinsurance coverage

When entering a highway on a feeder road in Texas, an operator must be very careful not to interfere with the free flow of traffic on the main highway. This scenario represents a dangerous potential for car accidents whenever the entering vehicle is not operated safely. A recent deadly accident occurred when the operator of a vehicle lost control on I-45N in Houston while on a feeder road. The SUV traveled over the grass and struck a car on the main highway, causing devastating results.

Loss of control a main factor in distracted driving accidents

Texas is as challenged with the problem of distracted driving as any other state. Distracted driving accidents are becoming more prevalent than even impaired driving events. That may be what caused a pickup truck to cross the median of I-10 in Cibolo and crash into a bus coming in the other direction in a recent tragic accident.

Personal injury law provides statutory damages in death case

When a life is tragically ended in a vehicle accident, the result includes a wide swath of destruction that goes far beyond the site of the accident. There are families left behind, dreams shattered and new life paths to be painfully forged by the remaining family members. In Texas and other states, the law of personal injury tries to assist in some helpful ways. However, when the bottom line is evaluated, family members universally reveal that no amount of monetary assistance can make up for the loss of their loved one.

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