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Many myths about divorce, custody and support are not true

Many common beliefs about divorce are just not true. Whether one resides in Texas or another state, the same common myths about divorce and related issues seem to prevail. There are too many of them to mention here, but there are a few prominent beliefs that stand out.

One of these is the idea that the mother will always get custody of the children. That is an outmoded idea that doesn't cut it in today's world. The father theoretically has just as good a chance as the mother to obtain child custody. The key issue will be which of the parents can best care for the children, considering all of the relevant circumstances that exist. In the same vein, women will sometimes have to pay spousal support or alimony to the man, as in cases where the female earns much more than the male.

Reasons for a child support modification

You've been paying child support for two years since your divorce. You're still very involved with the kids and, in that light, you're happy to help out. No one likes mailing away money every month, but these are your kids and the money helps give them a better life.

A potential change

7 suffer personal injury, are hospitalized after rear-end crash

In Texas as well as elsewhere, the initial media reports on a vehicular accident must be viewed with some skepticism. The details of the accident will be more accurately reported by the authorities after at least preliminary investigations are conducted. Reports about the cause of the accident and the degree of personal injury suffered by the participants are always subject to change due to more accurate findings.

An accident that occurred in Abilene on Thanksgiving Day is an example of sketchy initial reporting that will no doubt be supplemented after further investigation by the police. Media reports indicate that the police at the scene of the accident stated that an SUV was stopped at the intersection of Hwy 36 and Loop 322 when a truck rear-ended it. The police stated that the driver of the truck was in critical condition.

Child custody is determined by many relevant factors

The main principle that is usually behind the decision of a Texas family court judge in a child custody case is the broad concept of "best interests of the child." This is not a static determination with preset rules but rather it will vary in each child custody case depending on the circumstances presented. The point of the rule is that the court is not determining child custody to satisfy the demands of the parents, but rather to serve the true needs of the children.

The ideal custody arrangement that the courts will strive to foster is often called "shared custody." In shared custody, the parents will not necessarily divide their time with the children on a strict 50-50 basis, but they will share equally in the decisions relating to the upbringing of the children. The facts of the case, however, are not always amenable to a shared custody determination. 

Texas car accidents marked by horrific streak of fatalities

When a death occurs in a Texas vehicular accident, it may be contributing to a remarkable and unwanted streak that haunts the historical annals of the state. The state has gone for 6,210 consecutive days in which there has been a fatal car crash, a streak that authorities are urging Texans to work on snapping. The last day that Texas car accidents did not result in at least one fatality was on Nov. 7, 2000.

The streak is so horrendous that the Texas Department of Transportation has created a social media campaign to end it, including promoting a new hash tag calling for an end to the streak. Since Nov. 7, 2000, the authorities report that 59,388 people have died on Texas roadways. To bring the statistics even more into focus, it is reported that in 2015, for example, 391,000 persons were injured in vehicular crashes in addition to the 3,477 who were killed.

Parental addiction may lead to child custody in grandparents

The role of grandparents in child custody matters in Texas has increased steadily with the growth over recent years of the opioid crisis. Nothing can be more crippling to a parent's caregiving skills than addiction to heavy pain killers. It is not a new phenomenon for grandparents to be drawn into a parenting role for their grandchildren, but it is now happening with much more frequency. The phenomenon also results in an increasing number of court cases in which parents are fighting grandparents for child custody.

The grandparents play a critical role in such intercessions because they are likely preventing placement of the children in foster homes. Instead of that far-reaching change in the lives of the children, living with and under the care of their grandparents can be a very familiar environment, thus minimizing their trauma. In addition, the grandparents and the parents are more likely to agree and cooperate on a transition back to the parents when one or both have completed a rehabilitation program and stopped drug-taking.

Thanksgiving driving: Avoid a DUI by skipping Blackout Wednesday

Aptly named for the high number of people who drink more than they should on the day, Blackout Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving. It's a day when people know they'll be off work the following day, so they let go of their inhibitions and drink more alcohol than they should. It's most commonly young people who participate in this day, which is particularly dangerous since they may be the people traveling home from college or driving to see friends or family.

Blackout Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, is the first reason the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the most dangerous weekends all year for drivers. Combined with drinking the following day and over the course of the weekend while staying with friends and family, it's no wonder that drunk driving is more common during this time.

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips arrested for DWI in Texas town

Some drunk driving arrests in Texas can be marked by unusually belligerent reactions by the suspect. That is why law enforcement officers sometimes include a count for resisting arrest or for some other behavioral violation, such as disorderly conduct. Most arrests for DWI, however, go relatively smoothly and without resistance by the suspect.

Fortunately for the actor, Lou Diamond Phillips, his recent drunk driving arrest went smoothly and without a hitch. In fact, Phillips cooperated to the extent of approaching the police on his own, without being stopped for an accident or erratic driving. He approached a police officer in Portland, Texas at about 1:30 a.m. and asked for directions. The officer had been conducting an unrelated traffic stop at the time.

Former mistress files paternity lawsuit against Miguel Cabrera

Children born as a result of affairs is not a new occurrence. Some parents in Texas who have children born out of wedlock often turn to family law attorney to seek financial support from the other parent. A woman in another state has filed a paternity lawsuit against Major League Baseball star, Miguel Cabrera, requesting more child support than she currently has been given per month. 

The 35-year-old woman was apparently a mistress with whom Cabrera had a relationship for several years. Until recently, the relationship was relatively secret. Reportedly, the woman was married to another man when she began her affair with Cabrera. In the years of her relationship with the baseball player, she had a son and daughter that Cabrera is listed as the father on their birth certificates.

Man accused of felony theft of $1.2 million worth of fajitas

Fajitas are a popular food in Texas, but it is hard to imagine a state worker trying to steal $1.2 million worth of them from Cameron County over a multi-year period. Authorities recently fired a juvenile justice department employee and accused him of stealing all those fajitas and getting away with it for nine years. The police have arrested the man for felony theft after getting a search warrant and finding packages of the food contraband in his refrigerator.

The alleged plot would not have been discovered if the accused had not missed work for a medical appointment one day. A delivery driver showed up that day at the man's job location in juvenile justice with 800 pounds of fajitas. The delivery was rejected on the premise that the department did not serve fajitas. The driver, however, told the county employees that he had been delivering fajitas to juvenile justice for the past nine years.

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