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Couple accused of transporting a trailer full of marijuana

There are many stories of people going to great lengths to conceal illegal drugs they are transporting. Some have altered vehicles or luggage to conceal their packages. Others have carried them on or even inside their bodies. A couple has recently been accused of taking a much different approach. Police claim the duo simply rented a trailer to transport their load of marijuana to Texas.

On Jan. 8 a Texas state trooper pulled over an SUV for a routine traffic violation. A K-9 officer was brought to the scene, and the dog reportedly alerted the police to the presence of drugs. The dog notified the officers that the scent was coming from a small U-Haul trailer the SUV had been pulling.

Outside factors affect one's chances of divorce

The national divorce rate has been on the decline in recent years, as has the divorce rate in Texas. While at one time almost half of all marriages ended in divorce, in recent years that number has dropped to between 42 and 45 percent. Many couples today are waiting to tie the knot until they are older, more financially secure and more certain of their relationship. This decision positively affects their likeliness of staying married. There are several factors other than age that impact one's chances of eventually divorcing.

Perhaps the most significant impact on one's likeliness of divorce is the example set by his or her parents. According to a family and consumer studies professor, children whose parents divorce are 40 percent more likely to one day do so as well. An even more staggering statistic is that children who have at least one parent that remarries have a 91 percent higher chance of one day becoming divorcees.

Is 1 drink too many? DWI laws are becoming more restrictive

The number of deaths from alcohol-impaired drivers has decreased over the past 30 years, yet drunk-driving crashes still took the lives of almost 11,000 people in the United States in 2017. This continuing problem is causing one state to pass tougher laws that lower the acceptable blood alcohol content 40 percent from the current limit accepted in Texas and other states nationwide. Drivers over this limit face severe consequences from DWI charges.

Since 2000, all states have accepted a maximum blood alcohol content of .08 for adult drivers. One state passed a law that has lowered its maximum BAC limit to .05. While this is the lowest limit of any state in this country, many other countries already have used this as their maximum. There are even some nations that have limits as low as .02. Supporters note that these countries enjoy just as much alcohol consumption as the United States but with fewer associated deaths.

What happens if you violate a probationary period?

If you find out that there could be a motion to revoke probation because you violated probation in some way, it could be a serious threat to your well-being. You already began looking into finding work, have been doing your best to stay out of trouble and haven't done anything that you believe should mean you go back to court (and potentially prison).

A single violation doesn't necessarily mean that you'll face a revocation of probation. However, the probation officer may advise the court that it's best to have a hearing, especially if the violation was serious.

Delivery driver preparing criminal defense after theft accusation

The holiday season has always been the busiest time of the year for delivery companies. With the recent boom of online shopping and ecommerce, the industry's holiday business has grown exponentially, and the need for workers has grown just the same. Some workers are permanent employees, and others are seasonal. For one Texas delivery driver, his employment came to a sudden end recently after he was accused of theft. Now he finds himself focusing on his criminal defense instead of enjoying the holiday festivities.

On Dec. 12, a UPS security manager flagged down deputies to report a theft. The manager claims he saw a delivery driver take packages that were to be delivered on his route and hide them in the back seat of his personal car. He also claims that he overheard a phone call placed by the driver, during which he revealed plans to return at a later time and steal more packages. The manager said he confronted the driver, who supposedly admitted to the theft before fleeing the scene.

Man wearing ankle monitor causes deadly car accident

Recently, a 54-year-old man was traveling in the westbound lanes of a busy Texas parkway when something went wrong. According to reports, he lost control of his truck, striking a concrete guardrail. This caused his vehicle to rebound back to the left, entering the median and hitting a metal guardrail. The collision with the guardrail sent the truck airborne and into the eastbound lanes and oncoming traffic. Seven vehicles were involved in the resulting car accident.

The parkway was littered with damaged cars and debris and was closed in both directions for hours. Two people were killed in the crash, a 66-year-old woman whose car was first struck by the airborne vehicle and a 78-year-old veteran in the second car. Five others were injured and taken to a hospital, including the driver who caused the accident.

Rap video leads to 20 receiving felony or misdemeanor charges

Many of today's rap videos seem the same. In most there are a bunch of guys hanging out, usually with cars or guns being shown off, girls dancing around and money raining down. Yet another rap video was following a similar format while being filmed in a Texas park in March, and now, after months of investigation, 20 men are facing felony or misdemeanor charges related to the video.

It appears that the rappers in the video made a number of bad decisions that led to their trouble with police. The video was apparently shot in a Texas park that is located next to an elementary school. Police say it occurred around the time school was being dismissed, so some students even made it into the video.

Texas woman arrested for assault against husband and officers

Police have to respond to a wide variety of situations. Many will say that some of the riskiest and most unpredictable types of calls they respond to are domestic assault calls. Most of these calls are in a victim's home, where guns and other dangers may be present. Law enforcement often don't know who is in the house, what condition they are in and what other types of hidden dangers are there.  Two officers responded to this type of call recently in a Texas home.

A  man called police on a recent Thursday to report that he had been assaulted by his 54-year-old wife. Police responded to the home and reportedly found signs of assault on the man, including blood coming from his mouth, broken glasses and a swollen red eye. According to the man, his wife had become angry while he was talking on the phone with his sister. He stated that she took the phone from him and began hitting him repeatedly with it. He says he tried to restrain her, but that she started kicking him.

Neighbor's apartment fire leads to massive heroin, meth find

Neighbors can be a blessing as well as a pain. While some neighbors can be great about babysitting, feeding the dog or loaning that cup of sugar, other neighbors are more of a problem than a help. Some are nosy, rude or just plain weird. Someone in Texas can now blame his neighbor for leading police to almost $3 million worth of heroin, meth and fentanyl in his apartment thanks to a fire in the neighbor's home.

Police and firemen responded to a fire at a three-unit apartment complex on a recent Wednesday night. A fire started in the center unit, quickly raged out of control and spread to one of the adjoining units. Those two units were completely destroyed. The third unit was spared from the fire but had water and smoke damage.

A parenting agreement can help prevent future problems

As you move through the divorce process, there's a good chance that you want nothing more than to finish things off as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when you take this approach, it's possible that you could overlook something of importance.

A well thought out and mutually acceptable parenting agreement can go a long way in preventing future problems. It's not always easy to settle on the details of an agreement, but once you do so you'll feel better about your ability to raise your children.

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