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Felony charge, other allegations likely after corpse found

The choices that some people make can seem unbelievable to others. In fact, many individuals may never understand why a person decided to take or to not take certain actions. Of course, there are two sides to each story, and even if a person's decisions result in him or her facing felony charges, that person's side of the story should still be heard.

One woman in Texas will undoubtedly want to tell her side of the story after an unusual situation led to her arrest. According to reports, Child Protective Services were investigating a home when they came across the remains of the 49-year-old woman's mother. Apparently, the 71-year-old mother and grandmother had fallen in the home, and rather than getting her assistance for her injuries, the woman left her mother on the floor where she eventually died. Her remains had apparently been decaying in one room of the home for the last three years.

3 tips for those missing friends and family during divorce

A divorce has the potential to break up extended families for good, even when they were very close prior to the split. You might be friendly with your spouse's family and friends, but a divorce can put an end to those amicable relationships.

The reason for that is because many people feel as if they must take sides. A person's family is more likely to take their side instead of the ex-spouse's because they'll have to live with the aftermath of the broken familial ties.

Serious injuries, fatalities result from Texas crash

Some drivers may think that they are safer on roads that have physical medians that separate the opposite lanes of travel. While these medians may help in some ways, they do not always prevent serious crashes from taking place when a driver crosses into the wrong lanes. Unfortunately, serious injuries can often result from such incidents.

It was recently reported that serious and fatal injuries resulted from a crash in Texas. The incident occurred when the driver of a flatbed truck was traveling south and hit a guardrail. The truck then traveled over a concrete median and went into the northbound lanes of the roadway where it collided with a pickup truck before hitting a semi-truck. The driver of the flatbed truck was reported as being 31 years old, and he was apparently the only occupant of that vehicle.

Moving after divorce could be affected by property division

Moving on after ending a marriage can be difficult. Though some people may feel ready to make major changes as soon as the divorce case gets underway, that may not be feasible. In fact, many of the actions that Texas residents may be able to take could depend on the terms of their court orders or settlements, including those related to property division.

It is common for at least one person to find new living arrangements after ending a marriage. Some people may feel ready to start getting rid of items, buying new decor or taking some of their old things with them, but doing so before the divorce is finalized could spell trouble. Taking assets that may not belong to a person by the time the case comes to an end could result in legal repercussions.

Joint child custody needs the right schedule

Ending a marriage can be difficult for any Texas resident, but for individuals with children, additional difficulties may be a part of their cases. Child custody arrangements can certainly be a sticking point for many people, but for some parents, joint custody may be the agreement they feel will best suit their families. Of course, parenting together after divorce is not always easy.

Fortunately, parents can put their best foot forward when it comes to making a joint custody arrangement work as best as possible. One reminder that could help parents want to make the situation work out is that the custody terms are for the kids and not for the parents. With both parents understanding that they need to do what is best for their children, it may be easier for them to carry out actions that they may not have wanted to otherwise, such as seeing an ex often.

Serious charge results for man accused in DWI crash

Anyone's day can turn from bad to worse if a situation results in criminal charges. An individual may have been driving and ended up in an accident, and that accident may have resulted in a charge for DWI. This type of situation is certainly stressful, and a person charged will likely benefit from exploring defense options.

One man in Texas is likely having concerns over his situation after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that an officer was conducting a traffic stop when his police cruiser was hit from behind by another vehicle. The initial impact caused the police car to then collide with the other stopped vehicle. The officer was inside his vehicle at the time of the incident and apparently suffered multiple injuries. He was taken to an area hospital and later released.

Parenting well: When you get along, everything's better

As parents who have gone through divorce and realize that you need to raise your child in a healthy manner, it's vital that you're able to work together. You have a parenting plan and good custody agreement, but your concern is that you both still have trouble communicating.

It is essential that you don't put your child in the middle of any dispute or use them as a method of communication, so what can you do? Are there tools for parents who are divorced to learn to work together?

Unpredictable car accidents can often have fatal outcomes

Unfortunately, a number of mishaps could take place on roadways that lead to serious accidents. Though many serious car accidents are preventable, some events may have been unpredictable. Still, those unpredictable events could lead to severe or even fatal injuries to travelers, and families may be left with questions.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash took place in Texas. Apparently, a pickup truck was heading east when the trailer the truck was towing became detached. The trailer was carrying a tractor, and when it detached from the eastbound truck, the trailer veered into the westbound lane of travel. The trailer then collided with a westbound vehicle that was carrying three people.

Juvenile DUIs: Not just a problem for youth

When a juvenile makes a mistake, the courts generally treat them with the grace you'd expect from a parent or adult figure. They know that juveniles make mistakes and the impact that a conviction or other harsh penalties could have.

The truth is, though, that the court cannot ignore if a juvenile commits a crime. Even something as seemingly minor as driving while intoxicated has to be approached in the right way.

Child support an important topic during and after divorce

Getting a divorce is not an easy task, even under the best of circumstances. When Texas parents end their marriages, they may have many concerns about how the changes will affect their children as well as their own financial situations. Because raising children is expensive, child support often comes into play when parents divorce.

As most people know, child support refers to the monetary support payments one parent provides to the other in order to pay for the needs of the children. Typically, the payments come from the noncustodial parent and are paid to the custodial parent, but it can apply to joint custody situations as well. The court will usually have a final say in how much child support is required for a specific case, and the financial information of both parents and how much time the children spend with each parent is typically considered when reaching conclusions regarding support amount.

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