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Drugs in your vehicle? You could end up accused of trafficking

It's a scenario that has played out time and time again: Someone takes a friend home or picks up acquaintances and believes they're being nice taking them to their destinations. The next thing they know, they're being stopped by the police, and a passenger's glazed stare gives the officer reason to look them up. With a history of drug use and abuse, accusations start being made, and it's not long before you find yourself facing trouble with the law.

There are many people like yourself who are caught up in situations you couldn't have predicted. You may not have ever considered using drugs or trafficking them to others, but by another party leaving them in your vehicle, you've been exposed to the risk of erroneous accusations. Now, as a result of an officer discovering drugs in your vehicle, you face charges for something you didn't do.

Details of Jack Osbourne's divorce agreement

Celebrity divorces are always of interest to the general public, and Jack Osbourne's divorce is no different. In 2002 viewers all over Texas started tuning into "The Osbournes" reality show to watch as the very unique family of Black Sabbath frontman and rock legend Ozzy Osbourne stumbled through their day-to-day lives. In the years following the show's completion, Ozzy's son, Jack, appeared in various other television shows before marrying Lisa Stelly in 2012. The couple had three children together before announcing their separation last year. Now their divorce has been completed and the terms of the divorce agreement have been revealed.

The parents have stated that staying close friends and co-parenting is a top priority for them. They reached a custody agreement in which the two share joint custody of their 6-year-old, 3-year-old and 1-year-old daughters. They added rules about the children into the agreement such as no tattoos, piercings, dangerous activities, or trips to a shooting range without both parents' consent. They also added stipulations about the children's exposure to new love interests.

Infant killed and 2 others injured in drunk driving accident

Car accidents happen daily in almost every town. It's an accepted risk all take when getting into a vehicle. What isn't expected is to be involved in an accident when not even inside the vehicle. That is what happened to some San Antonio shoppers recently who were victims of a drunk driving accident while loading their purchases into their cars.

Shoppers outside a San Antonio Dollar General store were casually loading their purchases into their cars when a drunk driver in a pickup truck came speeding into the parking lot. The driver slammed into one woman's shopping cart where her 1-year-old was sitting. The infant was thrown from the cart due to the impact. The mother was also hit before the pickup hit a second woman and her car.

The pros and cons of sole physical custody

When dealing with divorce, the common practice in Texas is to seek joint custody when possible as it is often considered best for the children. There are times, however, when parents choose to request sole physical custody. As with any custody arrangement, there are pros and cons to this situation.

The request for sole custody is very common. In this arrangement, the children live with one parent but normally have a significant amount of visitation time with the noncustodial parent. According to the U.S. Census Bureau around 25 percent of children live with one parent.

The good and bad of sole legal child custody

When divorcing Texas parents are settling the child custody agreement, there are two aspects that must be considered. Physical custody refers to where the child will live. Legal custody refers to who has the right to make major decisions for the child. Legal custody can be sole or joint, just like physical custody. There are pros and cons to seeking sole legal child custody.

A parent with sole legal custody is solely responsible for major life decisions regarding the child such as religion, education and health care. This can be a stressful burden for one person to carry. Some parents seek sole legal custody just to avoid having to consult with the other parent when making decisions about the child. If the second parent is an active, positive, involved part of the child's life, that may not be in the child's best interest. Sole custody should not be used as a way to alienate another parent.

How can child support be enforced in Texas?

If you are the primary custodian of your child, it is likely that you will depend highly on child support to provide for the needs of your family. When child support is not paid, you can face a stressful financial situation through no fault of your own. It is important that you understand that child support is your right if the court has ordered it.

It can be difficult to enforce child support when the other parent is simply refusing to pay. However, the government has put laws in place such as the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, to make it possible for owed child support to be retrieved.

Understanding arrests and bails in Texas

If someone you love has been placed in jail, you will want to do everything in your power to secure their release quickly. The way that their release will be processed will depend on the seriousness of the crime that they are suspected of committing.

It is important that you understand the way in which the bail and bonds process works so that you can navigate the system appropriately. This will help you to remain calm and support the person you care about so that they are not upset or distressed.

Can one's ex be the life insurance beneficiary after divorce?

Many married couples have life insurance to protect themselves in the event one of the spouses should pass away. Most of the time the beneficiary named on the policy is the other spouse. What happens if the couple gets divorced? In Texas, is it possible for the former spouse to still be the beneficiary after divorce?

Many would expect that when a couple gets divorced that one former spouse would no longer be expected to benefit from the death of the other, so the beneficiary listed on any life insurance policy would be changed. This is not always the case, however. When a couple has been married, two lives have become intertwined. There are often businesses or investments owned together or children that are shared. Having each other named as the beneficiaries of life insurance policies may be necessary to protect these mutual interests even though the marriage is dissolved.

Man's charges include assault for allegedly biting off cop's ear

Traffic stops, although seemingly basic, can escalate and result in dangerous situations.  A Texas man has been arrested following a recent eventful traffic stop that resulted in assault charges. According to police, a 45-year-old man was pulled over by a police officer on Interstate 35E. The officer claims the way the car was moving caused him to suspect the driver was intoxicated. The man driving the vehicle pulled to the side of the road, but he did not get out of the car when instructed to do so. 

Additional officers, including a police sergeant, arrived at the scene to help the deputy. They reported that they struggled to remove the man from the car. During the altercation the man allegedly punched one of the deputies in the face. The tussle continued as officers forced the man to the ground on the side of the busy interstate. During the ground skirmish the man allegedly started biting the sergeant's head and ear.

When facing drug charges, what does Schedule I mean?

Drugs and other substances were divided into five schedules by the federal Food and Drug Administration. The schedule of each drug reflects its potential for abuse, potential for dependency and whether it is used for medical reasons. When someone is arrested for drug charges in Texas, the charge specifies the schedule of the drug.

Schedule I and II drugs have a very high potential to be abused. They are both highly addictive, both physically and psychologically. The difference between the two is that while Schedule II drugs may be used for medical purposes, Schedule I drugs have no approved medical use and are considered recreational drugs only. Examples of Schedule I drugs include LSD, peyote and heroin. Examples of Schedule II drugs include cocaine, methadone and fentanyl.

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