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Three sought in Texas homeless center felony theft

There are few things in life that can make one feel more vulnerable and dependent than being homeless. The homeless situation in Texas and across the country is a very serious, ongoing problem. There are people who have dedicated their lives to helping those who don't have a home of their own. Although the job is very rewarding, there are times when it has its drawbacks as well. A man who runs a homeless center in Texas is experiencing some of the strains of the job after the felony theft of about $15,000 in electronics from his center by one of the men he was helping.

The homeless center is a nonprofit organization designed to give the homeless the tools they need to get back on their feet. It is a faith-based place where they can look for jobs, take computer classes and perform other tasks that can help them get off the streets. Lately, the center was also allowing a homeless man to stay there due to the recent cold weather. That decision seems to have backfired. The man is now a suspect in a burglary that occurred there Saturday night.

Mother, daughter facing drug charges for heroin and marijuana

Everyone has made some choices in their lives that they don't want absolutely everyone to know about. For most people, when making questionable decisions or doing things that may not be legal, the last person they want to know about it is their mothers. But sometimes the mother is right there alongside, taking part in the action as well. That could be the case with a mother and daughter in Texas who are now facing drug charges for possession of heroin and cocaine.

One morning recently, a Texas State Police trooper pulled over a van for a routine traffic stop. At some point during the stop the trooper apparently began to suspect the two women in the van had something to hide, so he had a canine from the Department of Public Safety inspect the vehicle. The dog is said to have alerted to the presence of drugs, so the vehicle was searched, and almost 200 pounds of drugs were reportedly found.

What can you do if the parent won't come for visitation time?

When you have a child with another person, you believe that they'll be the parent you believe they can be. You expect them to see your child regularly. Even if you divorce, you (usually) want them to remain in your child's life.

Unfortunately, not all people react to divorce in the same way. Some look at it as a way of avoiding the other party, which can, intentionally or not, impact child custody and visitation.

Texas man dies after car accident with a street racer

The popularity of street racing has skyrocketed over recent years, and some television shows even glorify it and make it appear fun and lucrative. What is not stressed enough is just how dangerous a hobby like this can be. Far too many drivers have been killed in accidents involving street racing, and those deaths don't just involve the racers, as innocent bystanders are often caught in the crossfire. That was the case this week when a Texas man lost his life in a car accident involving street racing.

In the early hours of a recent Sunday morning, two individuals were driving toward a friend's house shortly after getting off work. As they turned at an intersection, their vehicle was suddenly struck by a speeding car. Initial investigations indicate the driver of the car had been racing with another vehicle prior to causing the crash.

Modifications can help parents pay support on time

Withholding child support isn't always something people do out of spite. In fact, it's very likely that the person can't afford it or has had an emergency come up. If you are someone who struggles to pay support or who has not been receiving the support you're owed, one thing that might help is a child-support modification.

When you ask the court to modify child support, you're showing that you're willing to pay but unable to in your current circumstances. While you do need to continue paying as much as possible until the modification is approved, taking a step toward correcting the situation is important.

Texas baby shower ends with charges for violent offenses

There are certain occasions in a woman's life that she daydreams about from the time she is a little girl. Her prom, her marriage proposal, her wedding and her baby shower all have played out a thousand times in her mind before the day ever comes. When a woman envisions how her baby shower will be, she often thinks of a room dripping with pink or blue decorations, balloons, storks, gifts and a doting father. Nowhere in that vision are guns, threats and arrests. Unfortunately that's the way it turned out for a Texas woman recently whose baby shower ended with her boyfriend being arrested for violent offenses.

The woman's baby shower had lasted longer than planned, as many such occasions do. When the woman's boyfriend came home a half hour after it was supposed to have ended, expecting to find an empty house, only to discover the party was still going on, he reportedly was very angry. Although the woman quietly apologized to him for the delay, the party came to an abrupt end when he told all of the guests to leave. The man then proceeded to confront the pregnant woman, allegedly loading a gun and putting it to her head right between her eyes.

How many lives are lost due to truck driver fatigue?

A lot of research is done on the causes and impact of fatigue on driver safety. However, it's difficult to say how many fatal Texas truck accidents are due to truck driver fatigue. Truckers spend many hours on the road, and even if they get enough sleep, the monotony of the roadway and the sound of the engine could cause sleepiness.

However, fatigued driving is most frequently caused by insufficient sleep. Other causes or conditions that could exacerbate the danger include medications, shift work, alcohol and sleep disorders that are left untreated. Truck drivers can take steps to avoid fatigued driving, starting with sleeping for at least seven hours per night. Those with heavy workloads can discuss alternative schedules with their employers.

Drug charges for opioid prescriptions lead to guilty pleas

Physicians in Texas have been put on alert regarding the excess prescribing of opioid painkillers through lengthy prison sentences indicated for at least two doctors here in recent months. Both doctors were prosecuted on federal drug charges for overprescribing pain killers and for allegedly contributing to the deaths of several of their patients. The most recent guilty plea was entered in federal court by a North Texas doctor who was the principal physician at a pain and wellness center.

Federal prosecutors indicated that the doctor distributed a "shocking" amount of opioids and that he also participated in health care fraud by submitting bills to the government that contained false information. The sentence that he agreed to is reportedly 20 years in a federal prison, but the sentencing judge may exercise discretion in determining the length of the imprisonment. Another doctor was prosecuted on similar drug charges and sentenced in February to 10 years by a federal judge.

Divorce may encounter issues of division of business assets

A woman may be involved in a business enterprise with her spouse when the need for a divorce arises. In Texas and elsewhere this will raise issues of property division and will impact all of the financial issues that are presented during the divorce litigation. The woman may end up with a controlling interest in the business or she may be compelled to sell out her interest to the spouse as part of the settlement agreement.

Where there is no agreement, the ultimate decisions will be made by the family law court after a full trial of that and other property issues. In some cases, the woman's spouse may have nothing to do with the business but may nonetheless claim a 50 percent interest in the assets according to community property principles. If the business was owned by the woman prior to entering into the marriage, and if the spouse is not active in the business, there will be less of an impact than if the business was started during the marriage and participated in by both parties.

Serious injuries to cyclists can be reduced by safe passing laws

Texas is experiencing growing numbers of accidents involving bicycle riders on the state's highways. Some experts recommend the passage of a safe passing law that will regulate how motorized vehicles treat cyclists and will promote safe sharing of roadways with cyclists. The most recent incident in the state resulted in the death on Sept. 10 of a 19-year-old man who was struck by a vehicle on a road in Mercedes. A woman was killed and another suffered serious injuries from a motor vehicle collision a few weeks before that on a road outside of Harlingen.

The result of these incidents is to place a damper on the desire of many bicycle riders to venture onto the public roads. That is not a welcome trend in light of the fact that bicycle riding is touted as a healthy alternative to motor vehicles and their dangerous emissions. The Southwest area of the country has at least partly embraced the development of various networks of bike and hike trails.

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