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Drug charges brought against suspect after raid on mechanic shop

When a search by Texas authorities leads to an arrest for drugs, criminal defense counsel must investigate the facts thoroughly and evaluate whether the procedures employed were constitutionally valid. If the police overstep their authority under the constitution of Texas or its federal counterpart, a motion to suppress the evidence may be successful in getting the drug charges ultimately dismissed. Where the court orders suppression of the drug evidence, the dismissal of the charges often follows due to the lack of substantial evidence to make the charges stick.

These are considerations that may come into play in the recent arrest of a man charged with possessing with the intent to sell a quantity of methamphetamine. The police entered a mechanic shop in Henderson County, Texas and searched the shop, according to reports. Police say that they arrested the 47-year-old suspect for having methamphetamine that was packaged for sale and distribution.

Car crashes into home, 5 injured, insurance issues may emerge

Texas sees its fair share of accidents in which a vehicle goes off the roadway and crashes into a building. The people inside the home or business sometimes escape serious injury due to being protected by the structure. In one recent incident, however, circumstances took a twist that resulted in serious personal injuries to the occupants and may have raised insurance issues.

On Saturday afternoon, April 7, a 40-year-old man lost command of his vehicle and crashed into a private home in Hurst, which is about 12 miles northeast of Fort Worth. The Hurst Police Department reported that the vehicle severed a gas line inside the home, causing an explosion that rattled the whole house and brought neighbors outside. The three inhabitants were a couple and their minor son.

Police arrest 2 females on drug charges while tracking fugitive

Texas like other states uses a system of probation that allows convicted individuals to be released early or in some cases not be incarcerated at all. They are bound to report regularly to their probation officer and to follow all the rules of the probation department. When an individual violates probation, he or she may be incarcerated for the remainder of the original probationary term or sometimes longer if it is proved that the probation violation occurred. If during the apprehension, the individual is arrested on any new allegations, such as drug charges, these must be proved in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Recently, a man wanted on a violation of the terms of his probation for a 2015 robbery conviction was tracked to a home in Oglesby by Coryell County authorities. The police arrested the 22-year-old man after finding him at the home. When arresting the man, authorities say they detected a "small" odor of marijuana in the home.

DUIs and background investigations for employment

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a drunk driving conviction on your record is the way it can affect your future employability. Texas employers normally are not permitted to discriminate against prospective new-hires, but this isn't the case when someone has a bad mark on his or her criminal record.

Since Texas employers can legally choose not to hire you because you have a DWI conviction on your record, you may want to take your DWI defense seriously. However, what if you've already been convicted? What should you know about background checks?

Divorce requires early action to preserve monetary funds

There are certain basic rules of money preservation that Texas family law attorneys recommend their clients adopt prior to a divorce filing. One of the first things is to open a bank account in one's name alone. This is to be done transparently by giving one's spouse an accounting of the money put into the new account and how much will be deposited in the future and during the divorce proceedings.

Some experts recommend that a person not file for divorce until he or she has enough money to pay legal fees and living expenses for the next three months. In the case of a stay-at-home mom the funds that the breadwinner brings home is considered to be owned also by the mom, and she can properly seize a portion of that money. In addition, she doesn't want to be accused of hiding or confiscating money, and that will be taken care of by making full disclosure to the other spouse.

Shared custody requires different calculation for child support

The traditional way that child support is handled in Texas is for the noncustodial parent to pay the custodial parent a certain amount on a monthly basis. This is calculated based on tables published by the state. They consider both parents' income, their expenses and other relevant factors. If the parents do not agree on the amount under the auspices of the county child support department, a hearing is scheduled in front of a family court judge and a support amount is ordered after the presentation of evidence.

However, some modifications in that general scenario are occurring due to evolving changes in family law philosophy. Here in Texas and in most states, there is now a prevailing policy that favors shared or joint custody of the minor children. This creates an equality of rights and duties of the parents that carries over also to child support determinations. It does not mean that each parent gets exactly 50 percent of the time with the child, but it does do away with  the concept of primary physical custody and sets up a joint sharing arrangement.

Drunk driving with children in vehicle leads to murder charge

A DWI conviction in Texas provides for progressively severe penalties depending on the existence of aggravating factors. Repeated prior convictions will exponentially increase the potential prison sentence. Extremely high blood alcohol readings will also call for increased penalties. When one's drunk driving results in an accident and property damage, this is another aggravating factor. When it results in someone's death, the accused may be charged with criminal homicide in addition to DWI.

In Texas, it is a felony to drive intoxicated with children under 15 in the vehicle. Police in Houston recently arrested a 26-year-old man and charged him with drunk driving with his children, ages 6, 5 and 1, in his pickup. The accused allegedly exited from the West Sam Houston Parkway and crashed into a car, sending the car through a brick sign. The driver of the car died in the accident.

Criminal defense counsel views drug arrests for police errors

Drug arrests in Texas must comport with all state and federal constitutional mandates. Whenever there is a drug arrest, criminal defense counsel must investigate the police procedures in detail to evaluate whether any violations occurred. In a recent arrest of five people in Bowie County, these principles will be important to determine whether any of the accused persons has a viable defense to the drug charges filed by the authorities.

County deputies allege that they received a tip that a suspect would be delivering methamphetamine to a certain address in Texarkana. Deputies say that they surveilled the location and saw a vehicle that fit the description given to them. They reportedly stopped the car for speeding. After making the stop, they say that they got permission to search the person's car and person.

Rate increases and the risk to your license: Speeding violations

You decided that you had to get to your school faster than usual this morning. You were running late, and you couldn't miss your final. Unfortunately, you came to a halt and ended up late anyway because on officer pulled you over.

You traveled several miles per hour over the speed limit, and the police officer isn't happy with it. Despite needing to get to class, the officer decides that you need a ticket and a short lecture on safety.

Truck accidents take a horrific human toll on Texas roads

Texas is host to many truck accidents, injuries and fatalities on its highways each year. Truck accidents happen in every configuration and factual scenario imaginable. Sometimes, when one accident has occurred, and the vehicles are all stationary and being investigated, another vehicle will come along and crash into the site of the first accident, causing substantially more damage than already occurred.

That was the general description of what took place on IH-20 on Feb. 20 in the westbound direction about 13 miles west of Colorado City in Mitchell County. The first accident was wound down, and two of the participants were standing off the roadway while that event was being investigated. A semitrailer was traveling west on IH-20 when it swerved to avoid hitting one of the disabled vehicles from the first accident.

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