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The increasing penalties of second and third DWI charges in Texas

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common criminal offense even if people recognize that it is a dangerous habit. In fact, individuals who get arrested once for impaired driving charges could very well face arrest for the same issue again in the future, as people have a tendency to repeat their mistakes.

It is also worth noting that people who wind up with impaired driving charges may have an alcohol addiction that compromises their decision-making process and leaves them more vulnerable to these kinds of mistakes. Sadly, criminal laws don't take medical and mental health conditions into consideration when outlining the penalties that come with a charge.

Poor maintenance contributes to truck accidents

Keeping up the maintenance on a vehicle can help ensure that it runs properly and lessen the likelihood of an accident. Sudden issues with vehicle parts, including tires, could easily cause problems for drivers and other travelers on the road. When tractor-trailers experience these issues, serious truck accidents can occur.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash took place in Texas involving an 18-wheeler and an SUV. The 18-wheeler was traveling southbound with a 73-year-old driver behind the wheel when one of the truck's tires blew. The truck driver was unable to keep the big rig under control, and it collided with a northbound SUV before flipping and catching on fire. The incident occurred just after 6:30 a.m.

Having support can help maintain mental health during divorce

Ending a marriage takes a major toll on a person's life. Certainly, many changes regarding finances, living arrangements and other similar matters will take place, but divorce can also be trying on a person's mental state. As a result, it may be important for Texas residents to consider how they can help themselves uphold their mental health throughout the process.

First, it is important to have a support system. Friends and family members who are there to listen to a person vent about frustrations and offer sympathies when needed could go a long way in ensuring that an individual does not feel alone during this time. It may also be helpful to seek professional support through a therapist who could help assess a person's individual feelings and find ways to work through them.

Charges for meth, other drugs filed against Texas man

Some people may feel as if life is always ready to cut them down. They may feel as if their circumstances only go from bad to worse, and when they face criminal charges for meth or other drugs, they may feel as if they are only being proven right. However, individuals could help themselves get back on the right track by focusing on defending against the allegations.

One man in Texas may be hoping for favorable outcomes after recently being charged. Reports stated that the narcotics unit for a country sheriff's office and the Texas Department of Public Safety started an investigation early last year into the man for suspected drug-related activity. Last month, the investigation led to officers obtaining an arrest warrant for the man. Upon arrival, officers saw the man outside, and he reportedly attempted to flee but was apprehended.

Fatal car accidents often the result of speeding

Too many drivers do not think about how speeding could cause serious harm to others. Numerous car accidents occur because drivers are traveling well over the speed limit. Unfortunately, many of these incidents have fatal outcomes that leave surviving loved ones grieving.

It was recently reported that speed was likely a factor in a fatal crash that took place in Texas. The SUV was carrying at least three people when the driver failed to maintain control of the vehicle. At approximately 5 a.m., the SUV was traveling at a high rate of speed, and after the driver lost control, the vehicle hit a tree before coming to a stop against a loading dock of a nearby building. After the incident, the driver and an undisclosed number of passengers fled the scene.

Mother facing felony charge after child hit by car

It is an unfortunate reality that one mistake could have harrowing and irreversible outcomes. Though a person may already feel devastated by the results of his or her mistake, it is also possible for other consequences to result, such as criminal charges. In some cases, parties may end up having to defend against felony allegations.

One young woman in Texas is currently facing such a tragic ordeal. According to reports, the 18-year-old mother was walking through a parking lot at an apartment complex when her 18-month-old son was hit by a vehicle. The mother had apparently gotten well ahead of the child as he walked across the parking lot. A neighbor entered a vehicle and ran over the child after presumably not seeing him.

Childhood challenges: When kids don't want to visit their parents

Most people know that their children are going to develop more independence as they age. It's a normal part of growing up, but it doesn't always make things easy.

This is particularly true when you live in a divorced family. Children of divorce may have to travel back and forth between homes and probably have their own opinions about what they want to do versus what they're asked to do.

Mitigating negative financial effects of divorce

It is common for people in Texas and across the country to worry about their finances. After all, any major change could result in repercussions that leave someone hurting financially. Unfortunately, divorce is one of those changes that could have significant impacts on someone's monetary affairs.

Though avoiding divorce may not have been possible, avoiding negative financial repercussions can be. Individuals ending their marriages can work to ensure that they do not wind up struggling with their money-related matters because they are now single. A good starting place is to create a budget or even multiple budgets. One budget could look at divorce-related expenses and how those will be paid, and another could work to manage future expenses living on a single income.

Fatal car accidents can leave surviving family seeking answers

Lives are lost all too soon on many different occasions. Car accidents can quickly claim the lives of innocent individuals all because another driver acted negligently or recklessly. Though fatal crashes are not uncommon, they do not become any easier to bear for those who must now live without their loved ones.

It was recently reported that a head-on collision in Texas resulted in three fatalities. The incident took place around 11 p.m. when the driver of a vehicle heading north failed to maintain the correct lane. When the northbound vehicle crossed over the center line, it struck another vehicle head-on. There were two people in both vehicles at the time of the crash.

Maintaining strong bonds through child custody

Many people commonly view divorce as the splitting up of a family. However, family bonds can remain strong, especially those between a parent and the children, even after a Texas couple chooses to end a marriage. Of course, those bonds can depend a great deal on how child custody is handled.

Even if parents have joint custody, each parent will still spend a lot of time away from the kids. Because it is important to maintain the parent-child relationship, maintaining contact even when away from the kids is important. Parents can call their kids to check in and have other forms of communication as long as they do not violate the custody order. Parents can also ensure that they play active roles in their kids' lives, including attending school functions and staying in the know about their children's educational progress.

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