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Tips for dealing with a parent who won't cooperate

Parenting children after a divorce requires that you and your ex work together. The frequency and extent of this is determined by your child's needs and the current situation. While some people can remain a parenting team after their marriage ends, others find this very difficult.

Unfortunately, having a successful parenting relationship requires an effort by both adults. When either is uncooperative, the situation can quickly become unbearable. This affects not only your mental state, but it also has an impact on the children.

Do not forget about addressing debt during divorce

Money is on the minds of most people quite often. There are certain times in a person's life when financial concerns may rush to the forefront, and divorce is an event that could trigger such concerns. If Texas residents do not understand their financial affairs or how to protect themselves while ending their marriages, they could land in a difficult predicament.

First, if a couple has joint credit accounts, it is a wise step to close those accounts as soon as possible. Leaving these accounts open could result in one particularly disgruntled spouse racking up a substantial balance for which both parties could wind up liable. If closing the account right away is not an option for whatever reason, an individual may consider having the account frozen to prevent vengeful activity.

Fatal car accidents often warrant civil legal claims

No family wants to suddenly lose a loved one, especially someone of a young age. Unfortunately, fatal incidents happen every day, and car accidents are among the most common. It can be difficult for families of victims to know where to turn after such an event, but some may find it useful to consider their legal options.

One family in Texas may be looking into wrongful death claims after a recent fatal accident. According to reports, a 20-year-old man was driving a pickup truck when he turned onto an overpass and lost control of the truck. The vehicle then collided with a guardrail before falling from the overpass. The pickup truck landed approximately 30 feet below onto another street. It was unclear what may have caused the driver to lose control.

Car accidents: 2 teens killed in Texas crash

Many parents find it joyful and nerve-wracking to watch their children grow and try new things. They often feel nervous sending their kids out on the road as teenagers because car accidents can take place at any time. Unfortunately, young people are not immune to suffering serious or fatal injuries in such events when they occur.

It was recently reported that an accident between a car and a pickup truck in Texas resulted in the deaths of two teens. Details on the incident were few, but it was mentioned that it occurred at an intersection. The driver of the pickup truck, who was reported as being a 61-year-old man, attempted to flee the scene on foot but was later apprehended by authorities. At the time of the report, he was still in custody with a $250,000 bond.

Meth disguised as Easter candy and ecstasy recovered in bust

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies worked together over the past year to perform a series of arrests that targeted gang, drug and gun crimes in the San Antonio area. Police recently arrested seven men who were allegedly members of a local gang that was involved in drug trafficking. According to police, the men were involved with the distribution of cocaine and meth.

The individuals have been charged with a series of drug offenses. They are accused of selling powder and crack cocaine as well as meth. According to police, some of the 20 kilograms of meth that was recovered was disguised as ecstasy while more of it was actually made to look like Easter candy. In addition to the drugs police claim to have found, nine guns were also reportedly recovered.

Truck driver negligence likely caused fatal crash

Sharing the road with 18-wheelers can be unnerving at times. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles make them hard to maneuver and slow down in time to avoid an accident. When a truck driver is not paying attention or driving erratically, it can greatly increase the chances he or she may cause a serious accident. This seems to be just what happened with a recent multi-vehicle accident in Texas where truck driver negligence may have been a causal factor in the fatal wreck.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of Friday, April 19, in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 20 near Weatherford. Apparently, traffic was backed up near the 408 mile marker when the driver of a semi failed to slow down and slammed into the rear of an SUV. The resulting collision caused the SUV to strike a car in front of it, which, in turn, caused the car to hit a pickup truck in front it. The semi may have also struck the pickup, according to police.

Modifying child custody: Aging children

When you originally set up a custody schedule, your child was young. She only needed to go to elementary school, and she didn't have many extracurricular activities to worry about.

Now, as she approaches her mid-teen years, you're finding that she has much more to do. She's spending more time with friends, and many of them live close to your ex-spouse.

Support for spouses when you're low income

When you are in a marriage, there are often two people bringing home an income, especially when you're a low-income family. Both support the home, because without the other, it would be difficult to survive.

In the case of a divorce, this can throw both people into a financial crisis. Surviving on $50,000 a year might be possible, but $25,000 or less could be an impossibility. The lesser earning spouse might want to seek spousal support, but depending on the cost of living and how much is needed by the higher-earning spouse, that might not be possible.

What happens to pets during divorce?

For many Texas families, a pet is just as loved and cared for as a child. When a couple decides to move forward with divorce, they will have to address things like dividing marital property, child custody schedules and what will happen to the family pet. In some situations, pet custody is one of the most complicated and acrimonious issues of the divorce process.

A prenuptial agreement can take much of the complication out of a divorce and eliminate the need to go to court over issues related to property division. Some couples are taking the process of drafting a traditional prenuptial agreement and going step further, including provisions that address what will happen to the pet. There is also a growing trend of a "petnup" which is premarital agreement that solely addresses issues related to the pet.

How is the family business divided in a divorce?

Family businesses can be a great way for spouses to spend time together while fulfilling the family's financial needs. When the couple decides to divorce, however, deciding what happens to the business can be a difficult decision. Blood, sweat and tears are the building blocks of a family business, and that type of investment can be hard to walk away from or watch change. For couples in Texas who are divorcing, there are several options they have for consideration regarding the future of the family business.

If the couple has a strong relationship outside of their marriage, they may be able to continue running the business together. This takes a couple who is able to put their personal problems aside for the sake of the business. This may be a difficult or even impossible situation for some.

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