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Risking the revocation of probation? These tips could help

If a motion to revoke probation is filed against you, then you need to understand your options. You want to present yourself in a positive light, but it's possible that you made a mistake that has threatened your freedoms. Once a violation has been been discovered, it is up to your probation officer to decide what happens next.

There are a few different things you can do before the motion to revoke occurs and afterward. Understanding how to best address this issue is something anyone who is on probation needs to know.

Liability in motorcycle accidents follows the rules of negligence

Another Texas accident has resulted in injuries caused by the careless use of a cell phone. Motorcycle accidents sometimes have unique configurations and causes, and the phenomena of smart phones has interceded to add to that factual mix. In a rare occurrence, a motorcycle slowed down to allow its female passenger to pick up her cell phone that she had dropped on the roadway.

At that time, another motorcycle came along and hit the cycle that had slowed down. The second motorcycle also had a passenger on it. The drivers of the two cycles and their two passengers were injured in the accident. None of the participants were wearing helmets, according to police. The police also reported that the four persons had varying injuries.

Child support is generally set by published state guidelines

When a married couple begins the divorce process in Texas there are usually several issues to resolve prior to achieving a mutual agreement to finalize the divorce. Spousal and child support are two vital areas that generally are agreed upon as part of the divorce negotiations. When the parties cannot come to an agreement on any particular subject, the ultimate decision will be determined and ordered by the family law judge after court hearings.

A former "housewives" reality star and her ex-husband recently agreed on terms for a divorce. The settlement includes agreement on issues of child support, spousal support and property division. The agreement, reflected by divorce documents filed with the court, calls for Jim Bellino to pay Alexis Bellino the sum of $10,000 per month in spousal support and $6,000 per month in child support for three children. The settlement calls for $2,000 per child while a child remains under age 18.

Your child doesn't want to visit? The reason could be innocent

If you have children who are part of your parenting plan, then you know that much of what happens each day relies on their compliance. If a child doesn't want to participate in the plan for any reason, it makes it much harder for everyone involved.

As a parent, it's worrying when a child doesn't want to come to your home or visit you. You may have questions about what you did, if the other parent said something negative about you or if there is another reason your children are avoiding you. Before you jump to conclusions, think about a few possibilities.

Plan new school year as part of co-parenting after divorce

In Texas and other states, the concept of co-parenting has gained preference in caring for the children after a divorce. With the start of a new school year, it is a propitious time for those recently settling their divorce to discuss their most important ongoing responsibility, i.e., the daily care of their minor children. Planning the highlights of events for the next year can help the children to be more secure in knowing that there will be a structure and a relative sense of certainty to their activities.

The transition to a new school year is a good time to clarify everyone's intentions, set some rules, schedules and choose extracurricular activities. General goals for the children with respect to their chosen academics are not wasted by beginning to plan ahead. Parents and children may experiment to see if they can all agree on three mutual goals for the child. Discuss also the parents' contributions and help toward making it feasible for the child to accomplish those goals.

Divorce with minor children requires parental cooperation

No one can debate the fact that divorce is a traumatic event for those who are involved, including any minor children. Texas divorce rates follow roughly the national average, which some estimate at about 50 percent. As much as people hate to face such difficulties, they can only put their best foot forward and do what they must to make the outcome easier for all.

The following are some general tips for assisting one's children to get through the trauma both during and after a divorce. One can start with understanding that all children will be impacted but some more outwardly and in a visible manner. Assume that feelings are on a roller coaster with all older children and treat them with considerable care and direct communications.

Texas car accidents: Motorcyclist killed in collision

There are a variety of different ways to safely and legally utilize Texas roadways. Unfortunately, the action of some drivers place others at risk, especially when motorcyclists are involved. When car accidents do involve motorcycles, the lack of relative protection often leaves riders facing serious injuries.

In fact, a recent crash involving a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle resulted in a fatality. According to reports, the incident happened just before 6 p.m. on a day in August. Officials claim that a 31-year-old woman pulled out of a driveway into the path of a motorcyclist.

Coping with divorce: Helping your child

As a parent going through a difficult divorce, one of your main concerns is how the divorce will affect your child. You know that you can't shield your child from everything that's happening, but it's your hope that you can at least make the situation positive in some ways.

The reality is that children all react differently to changes, and a great deal of how your child reacts comes down to age and learned behaviors. If your child is a teenager, then he or she may have better coping strategies than if your child is only five or six.

Alleged negligent driver kills mother of 2 on first school day

A school community of an elementary school in Texas was rocked on the first school day when a fatal accident occurred in the parking lot. A police chief in El Paso says an investigation into the crash is underway. Although he noted that the man who caused the accident was at fault, no charges were immediately filed against the alleged negligent driver.

According to authorities, a 33-year-old mother and her two children, along with another child, were in the school's parking lot after the dismissal of classes. Reportedly, a 58-year-old driver first smashed into another vehicle, and he did not stop but proceeded ahead. He struck the three children, and as witnesses approached the scene to help, the driver allegedly put his car in drive and then struck the mother.

Governor proposes new changes in how bail bonds are issued

Texas authorities, including legislators and law enforcement agencies, have announced a set of new proposals for a purported "reform" of the bail system in Texas. The overall effect of the changes appear at least on the surface to be geared toward letting fewer accused persons obtain vital bail bonds for release pending court proceedings. With the devil always being in the details, whether the new legislation will pass and whether it will improve criminal justice in the state remains to be seen.

The American criminal justice system has always operated on the ideal principle that an accused is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. Because the system moves slowly, a person could languish in jail for many months until the case comes to court for trial or a negotiated guilty plea. Therefore, many experts have called for a streamlined system that gives poor people an equal right to be released pending due process as those who are wealthy enough to post immediate bond.

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