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A Skilled Criminal Law Defense Team

If you are under investigation for a state or federal criminal offense or have already been charged with a crime anywhere in Texas, don’t wait to see what the prosecutor will do next. Don’t say another word to the police or assistant district attorney. You need the experienced criminal defense representation of Vela & Del Fierro, P.C., as quickly as possible.

Former Assistant District Attorney

We are the lawyers of Vela & Del Fierro, P.C., in San Antonio. Attorney Daniel Vela is a former assistant district attorney. Our experience means we are familiar with both sides of a criminal matter and can offer a more skilled defense team.

A Reputation For Integrity That Makes A Difference

Right now, the last thing you need is an attorney who will try to tell you whatever it is you want to hear. The truth is, felonies or misdemeanors are serious, and you may be facing time in jail. Our criminal law attorneys promise to use all of our experience, skills and reputation to fight to get the charges dropped or to help you avoid the harsh penalties that can result if the evidence does not allow for a dismissal or acquittal.

Our Full Range Of Experience

Our experience includes aggressive representation of clients facing grand jury charges for federal offenses as well as felony and misdemeanor charges in state courts throughout Texas, including:

  • DWI defense, including drunk driving charges and DWI charges involving an accident with injuries or fatalities
  • Narcotics offenses, including state and federal felony drug offenses and prescription drug charges
  • Violent crimes, including guns and weapons charges, domestic violence, assault bodily injury, sexual assault and murder charges
  • Property crimes, including burglary, theft, shoplifting and white collar offenses such as fraud and embezzlement
  • Probation and parole violations

How We Can Help After A Conviction

We also represent clients who have criminal charges and convictions on their records. Let us review your case to determine whether we can clear your record through the expungement process or seal your record from the public.

Start Building Your Defense Today

The sooner you reach out to an attorney about your criminal charges, the better. Call us at 210-617-3925 or use the email contact form to request an opportunity to meet with one of our attorneys right away.