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Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship

Many parents forget one important legal fact in Texas: Custody does not mean ownership. Too often, the parent with physical custody thinks it will be okay to cut off access the other parent has with the child. The effect can be devastating to the noncustodial parent, the affected grandparents and, in particular, the child.

Fortunately, Texas has laws that allow the noncustodial parent to file a lawsuit referred to as a “Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship” or SAPCR. In most cases, it is the father who files SAPCRs when the mother leaves the relationship soon after the baby is born and will not allow the father parenting time.

If you need to fight for legal recognition as the parent of your child, talk to a parental rights attorney at Vela & Del Fierro, P.C., in San Antonio. We are a team of experienced Texas family law lawyers with a strong record of success in SAPCR cases.

SAPCR And Child Support

SAPCR works both ways. The mother of the child may also file a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. In most cases, if you are named the conservator with the right to establish the primary residence of the child, you will be entitled to receive child support on behalf of your child.

Grandparents’ Rights

If you are the grandparent or extended family member of an adult child who has lost access to his or her child, see us about what rights you have to help you retain a relationship with that child.

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