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Attorneys For Protecting Your Child’s Welfare

In Texas, custody is legally referred to as “possession” and “access” rather than the more commonly understood terms custody and visitation. Whatever the courts refer to it as, though, there is no question that issues involving children are often the most contentious in any divorce or paternity litigation.

At Vela & Del Fierro, P.C., in San Antonio, our family law lawyers never forget that keeping your child’s welfare first must always be the top priority. Whether you are fighting to be awarded possession or fighting to retain quality access in your child’s life, you will have a fierce and experienced legal advocate on your side.

Call us to discuss your concerns about any issue related to custody in your family law matter anywhere in Texas, including:

  • Divorce custody award and parenting rights
  • Suits affecting parent-child relationships (SAPCR)
  • Modifying custody and child support
  • Custodial parent relocation petitions, opposition to relocation
  • Paternity litigation, fathers’ rights and child support enforcement
  • Termination of paternal rights
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Grandparent intervention, visitation rights
  • Family protective orders
  • Cases involving child protective services

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