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Safety tips for pedestrians on Halloween

| Oct 28, 2016 | Car Accidents |

For little ones, the annual night of trick-or –treating probably can’t come soon enough. Indeed, Halloween falls on a school night this year, but that won’t stop thousands of children across San Antonio and Bexar county from walking through neighborhoods to get candy.  It won’t be surprising for adults to get into the Halloween spirit, as they will likely take part in various costume parties.

With all the fun that comes with Halloween, there are some dangers that could lead to tragic accidents. In fact, pedestrian accidents traditionally increase on October 31 according to  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Perhaps it is because there are more people walking the streets.

Regardless, pedestrians should be wary of a few safety tips that could help them avoid disaster. This post will highlight them. 

Pay attention to your surroundings – Since more pedestrian traffic will be out on Halloween night, it is important for drivers to pay attention to their surroundings. For pedestrians, it is important to stay focused on watching traffic and not be distracted by their phones.

Be bright and be seen – Pedestrians tend to disappear in the dark on normal nights, so wearing a dark costume won’t make things easier. Trick-or-treaters can benefit from wearing bright costumes. The same could be said for costumes that have LED lights, reflective strips or include glow sticks.

Use the crosswalks – Crosswalks offer a safe way to navigate a busy intersection, and an injured pedestrian would have a legally recognized defense if they are struck while in the crosswalk.