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Month: December 2016

Grey divorce is common but may not be financially easy

Divorce for people over 50, and even for those over 65, has become commonplace. Many couples in Texas and in other states break up late in life because their children are grown and moved out; there is no longer a force pressuring the person to stay for the sake of the...

Celebrity divorce settlement stymied over semantics and egos

In Texas and elsewhere, celebrity divorces may be instructive to family law litigants by highlighting one or more universal issues often apparent in such matters. The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp divorce settlement is worth looking at for a few general principles. The...

7 arrested on misdemeanor criminal mischief charges

Criminal mischief in Texas is the intentional destruction, tampering with, or damaging of another person's property. It can consist of making marks, graffiti, inscriptions, drawings and the like on another's property. Generally, criminal mischief can be a misdemeanor...