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Commercial truck accidents can be financially devastating

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Texas sees a lot of national and international trucking traffic. Commercial trucks are a common sight on highways, freeways, and surface streets. Unfortunately, that means that accidents involving commercial trucks are also common. Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause horrific injury, death, and severe property damage. When one of the involved vehicles is an eighteen-wheeler or other large commercial truck, the risk of serious injuries increases. While deadly commercial truck accidents have been declining, commercial truck accidents resulting in serious injury may be on the rise.

The impact from a truck accident could last months or years

Depending on the extent of your injuries after an accident with a commercial truck, it may take you many months or even years to fully recover. From broken bones and spinal cord injuries to closed head trauma, there a plethora of serious injuries that can require ongoing medical intervention. You could require physical or occupational therapy to regain your strength, range of motion, and ability to perform your job. You could require surgery, including plastic surgery for scarring, which can be expensive and require multiple operations to be completed.

Commercial truckers often bend industry rules

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, it is possible it was caused by professional neglect or intentional violation of safety regulations. Commercial drivers have stricter blood alcohol limits, as well as limits to the number of hours they must drive. Some drivers, in hopes of making more money, intentionally falsify their logs about their driving hours and resting hours. Driving while exhausted or speeding in a commercial truck substantially increases the risk of an accident. Let’s not forget, either, than truck drivers are also susceptible to the temptations of smartphone distractions while driving.

Working with an experienced attorney can help protect you after an accident

Talking to an attorney is probably the last thing you’d think of after a traumatic accident. However, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney may be your best hope at recovering your losses, including lost wages, medical expenses, and the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle, after a commercial truck accident. If an insurer or the driver’s employer tries to offer you a low settlement to avoid liability, an attorney can advise you that the amount is inappropriate for your circumstances.

Additionally, an experienced personal injury attorney who understands safety regulations for commercial drivers can help you determine if any of the known risk factors, such as sleep deprivation or distraction, may have played a role in your accident. They know what to look for and how to argue a case in court (as well as with insurers and companies who are trying to protect their reputation or employees). Schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney today, so that you can focus on getting better, instead of on the ever-increasing medical bills you’re facing.