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Negligent driver crashes into daycare center, injures 7

| Feb 15, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A miracle was at work in Texas recently when an SUV crashed into a day care facility in Cibolo. The vehicle swept at least five of the children underneath the vehicle, where they were found after it stopped moving. Incredibly, the children will survive with treatable injuries. In the bizarre turn of events, one teacher also ended up under the vehicle with two babies in her arms. Six children were taken to hospitals for treatment, and the apparently negligent driver was also taken for evaluation.

A woman driving a Mercedes Benz SUV pulled into a parking space in front of the business but inadvertently accelerated instead of applying the brakes. She went uncontrollably through the front wall of the center, which housed children from the ages of 5 months to 18 months old. One parent, whose child was found with four others under the Mercedes, offered that his son was “touched by angels.”

The babies were playing on the floor of the two classrooms when the intrusion occurred. Each of the parents may pursue a personal injury claim on behalf of their injured child. In such claims, the parents act as the guardian or trustee of the minor’s funds, if any, that are collected. At this point, it is largely unknown to what extent the children may have been injured.

In each case, medical records and doctors’ opinions will describe the extent of injuries suffered. It is often impossible to tell the nature or depth of the injury immediately after the accident because in many medical conditions, the symptoms do not manifest until after the shock to the nervous system subsides. The arguably negligent driver will likely be determined liable under Texas laws of personal injury for compensation for the injuries suffered. There may also be other insurance sources that apply, and it is best in such situations to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to determine the totality of insurance that is available if needed.

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