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Divorce, love, finances and kids

| Apr 21, 2017 | Divorce |

For some, the decision to marry is an easy one to make; for others, it is more difficult. The same holds true with the decision to divorce. For some Texas couples who have not been married for a long time or do not have extensive shared finances and other assets, it may be an easy decision. However, when the couple has been married for an extended period of time, there are often children involved and the majority of assets and liabilities are shared. While this can make the process more cumbersome, it is still the best decision in many instances.

For many parents, children are a primary concern. Often, parents will attempt to stay together for the sake of the children. However, children are adept and notice when their parents do not get along and may begin to believe that they are the reason for the turmoil. Parents often find that by talking with their children, listening to them and paying attention to their actions that the situation can be managed and sometimes even turn out better than expected.

Shared assets and liabilities are another area of concern for many couples considering divorce. Once the possibility of a divorce appears to be likely, financial aspects should be considered. If checking or credit accounts are jointly held, the couple will want to consider going ahead and establishing separate accounts. Additionally, copies of most financial documents are typically jointly held while the couple is together. So that both parties have access to these documents, copies may need to be made.

Most Texas couples marry for love. However, when it comes to divorce, while love may no longer be a part of the equation, finances and children often are. Experienced legal counsel can help guide the individual in deciding the best way to handle each concern as it presents itself.

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