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May 2017 Archives

Truck accidents follow comparative fault rules of liability

Texas highways are riddled with reports of truck accidents involving large trucks colliding with cars and sometimes with much smaller trucks. The cause of these truck accidents is not always clearly evident. Such an accident occurred on the morning of May 22 in Midland when an 18-wheeler and a pickup truck collided on the Garden City Highway.

Child custody may be severely limited regarding convicted father

Child custody cases in Texas share similar procedural and substantive legal rules with all other states. The recent case of a disgraced former Congressman, including his divorce and child custody problems with his spouse, would likely play out under the same set of principles in this state. The couple's divorce case recently moved toward closure as the defendant husband admitted to criminal behavior involving illegal texting with a minor.

State Senate zeroes in on distracted driving accidents

At least 46 states now ban texting and driving. Texas is not one of them. The state legislature is, however, debating just such a bill in the Senate right now. Although there is the two-thirds vote ready to approve the Senate version of the bill, efforts are stalled in committee until further support is obtained. The legislation is being promoted to help reduce the increasing numbers of distracted driving accidents.

Truck accidents on 2-lane roads often result in fatalities

Trucking accidents in Texas are a continual problem that take a big toll in human loss, suffering and the destruction of family units. Truck accidents that occur on older, two-lane highways, are particularly frustrating. An example of that occurred this past weekend on State Highway 22 near the town of Hillsboro.

Parental kidnapping concerns? You have ways to protect your child

One of the last things you ever want to see happen is for your child to go missing. It's possible, especially if you and your ex-spouse have arguments over visitation and custody. While many people argue without ever having any real, life-altering issues affect their cases, some end up with situations where one parent takes the law into his or her own hands. In those cases, children can and do go missing with that parent.

Negligent driver crosses lanes, strikes bus; 2 dead, 17 injured

The Texas highways are filled with innocent people who generally are driving safely and following the rules. No one can predict which of those innocent persons will be struck down by a negligent driver who loses control of his or her vehicle. When it happens to a social or educational group traveling in a private charter bus, the tragedy may be multiplied and affect the lives of many persons.

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