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Settlement negotiations in divorce may stop other actions

| Jun 22, 2017 | Divorce |

Texas divorce negotiations may override the need or desire for a spouse to pursue pending domestic violence proceedings against the other spouse. This is precisely what appears to be happening in a divorce proceeding between a major league baseball star and his wife. The wife has declined an interview with major league baseball investigators due to the pendency of settlement negotiations involving both sides and their attorneys.

Baseball authorities have a procedure to interview domestic violence victims and to take punitive actions against players found to be guilty of abuse. In this case, attorneys for Melisa Russell, wife of shortstop Addison Russell, have issued a statement saying that the Melisa did not feel it was in the interest of her and her son to go ahead with the interview. The attorneys indicated that settlement negotiations were taking place in the divorce filed by Melisa recently.

Both sides stated their desire to try and resolve things swiftly and in an amicable manner, without court litigation becoming necessary. Of course, such lofty goals are not always obtained, and on occasion cases will burst out into litigation when an impasse is reached in the negotiations. The downside is that the Chicago Cubs shortstop may escape any real appreciation of the need for change in his lifestyle if he is indeed guilty of domestic violence against his spouse.

However, in Texas and elsewhere, it is also important for parties to work hard toward settling their differences in a negotiated settlement rather than engaging in long, protracted and expensive litigation. Regarding the Russell case, such a prolonged and bitter battle in the courts would not likely be beneficial to the parties’ young son. It can only be hoped that the husband will gain serious insight into his problems and get help due to the divorce and the dissolution of his previous family life.

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