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Dog survives serious injuries, found 5 days after crash

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Texas is a big state with big stories, many of them dealing with vehicular accidents of all sizes and varieties. There are many untold stories of pain, suffering and tragic loss that fill the lives of victims who suffer serious injuries in those accidents. A recent serious accident has a touching and heartwarming story that made its way to the national news.

A young couple were both seriously injured on July 11 when their car was rear-ended by a large truck on the southbound ramp to I-75. Their car was little more than a mangled glob of steel, unrecognizable from its pre-accident appearance. The two occupants each had back injuries, with the wife suffering two fractures in her back.

Under the circumstances, it took days for rescue workers to realize that there had been a third passenger in the vehicle. She was Daisy Mae, a 1-year old lab/retriever mix who was not found at the scene, despite that the back-seat area she had occupied was crushed beyond recognition. When the car’s human occupants were heard on television lamenting the loss of their precious companion, rescuers went to the scene to see if the dog could have made a miraculous escape.

A group known as Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue spearheaded the search, thinking that if the dog was injured she would still be near the scene. They found a miracle that has raised the spirits of many onlookers in Texas and nationwide. The gorgeous lady was found alive but seriously injured lying in the deep brush not far from the accident scene. With an on-site veterinarian, animal rescue volunteers found the friendly girl with a severely fractured femur and removed her from the scene to undergo surgery for her serious injuries. It may be a few more days until she is reunited with her caretakers.

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