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Does the age of a parent matter for custody?

| Dec 28, 2017 | Child Custody & Support |

You had a child with your spouse, but you were very young at the time. Now, you’re just 23 with a 5-year-old child and looking at a divorce. Your spouse is several years older than you, turning 32 shortly. You’re concerned that you won’t be taken as seriously in court. Your age concerns you, because you know older adults usually have better career prospects and have more life experience.

You are somewhat right in that you should be concerned, but maybe not just because of your age. Everyone’s situation is different, so the court has to weigh child custody on those differences. In your case, if your husband has a good job, the ability to provide a better life for your child and has a stable relationship with your child, he might be in a better position to argue for child custody.

How does being a stay-at-home parent or younger parent benefit you?

There are some things on your side, too. You’re younger, which means it’s easier to keep up with a small child. You’re the parent who always stayed home, so you’re used to your child’s routine. You have a stay-at-home job, so you can always be there for your child, even if you aren’t making the same kind of income as your spouse.

When it comes to the potential to have a career, you still have the ability to grow. You have a degree, and with your child coming close to school age, he or she will soon be at school for several hours a day. As a result, you have even more time to improve your career.

Age isn’t a defining factor, as you can see. It just depends on your situation and what you can do to support your child.