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Separation can set the stage for facing divorce challenges

| Dec 20, 2017 | Divorce |

For a Texas resident, the move to obtain a divorce will call for certain necessary actions that are widely recommended to secure the best outcome. Several things must be done to clear the way for a transition that is not overly stressful. If these principles are followed, the road to divorce will be a bit easier and will encourage more self-assurance along the way.

The first step is to make sure that all financial and legal records are copied. A complete set should be kept together in one’s files and made accessible for when the divorce attorney requests any or all of them. At the same time, one can act to separate all joint accounts and credit cards. Where the other spouse has co-signed on a car loan, see what the bank needs to get the spouse’s name eliminated. If the spouse’s name was put on the title, this will likely be handled by the attorneys, unless the parties are friendly enough to take care of such items preliminarily.

A lot of emotional work may be necessary also during this period. It is natural for one’s thoughts to be plagued with regrets of the past. Feelings of guilt and what one could have done will be prominent for many people. The mind must be kept strong by rational focus and positive thinking throughout the transition.

A lot of thinking can be based on fuzzy thoughts that carry little factual backing. It may be helpful for some people to see a therapist to keep on track and in focus with clear thinking. If the situation has gone so far toward a separation and divorce, there is likely to be a good reason for it, and the result is just what had to happen at that point in time. Second-guessing oneself and one’s decisions will not be fruitful and will result in unnecessary grief and suffering. Consulting with one’s Texas family law attorney is an excellent way to keep the focus on the goals ahead.

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