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Truck accidents take a horrific human toll on Texas roads

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Texas is host to many truck accidents, injuries and fatalities on its highways each year. Truck accidents happen in every configuration and factual scenario imaginable. Sometimes, when one accident has occurred, and the vehicles are all stationary and being investigated, another vehicle will come along and crash into the site of the first accident, causing substantially more damage than already occurred.

That was the general description of what took place on IH-20 on Feb. 20 in the westbound direction about 13 miles west of Colorado City in Mitchell County. The first accident was wound down, and two of the participants were standing off the roadway while that event was being investigated. A semitrailer was traveling west on IH-20 when it swerved to avoid hitting one of the disabled vehicles from the first accident.

The trucker lost control, went into a ditch where the two pedestrians were standing and mowed them down. One of the victims, a 32-year-old Texas man died at the scene. The other pedestrian, a 65-year-old man of Dallas, was hospitalized in Lubbock with critical, possibly life-threatening injuries. Press reports don’t say whether the accident happened during daylight or in the evening.

In either event, if the facts hold up generally as reported, the trucker is liable to compensate the estate of the decedent for wrongful death damages and the injured person for his personal injury damages. The vehicle operator must have control of the vehicle at all times and must also be keeping a lookout on the road ahead so as to avoid colliding into any stationary vehicles that have stalled or been involved in an accident. This appears to be one of those truck accidents where the trucker is totally at fault in causing the death and the injuries. The Texas DPS stated that the foregoing factual details were preliminary and that the accident is still under investigation.

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