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Truck driver negligence causes accident with 1 fatality

| Feb 1, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

The vast expanse of Texas highways sees its fair share of truck accidents each year. These are often violent and destructive events that increase the injury and death toll considerably in the state. For example, a truck accident occurred on Jan. 17 on the U.S. Highway 190 bypass near Copperas Cove. Several people were injured and one woman killed in the tragic turn of events that indicates truck driver negligence.

A flatbed truck heading eastbound crashed into the rear of a pickup truck that was stopped in heavy traffic, according to a Department of Public Safety spokesperson. The flatbed then kept moving, crossed the center line and went into oncoming westbound traffic. The truck collided with first one car and then another, the second being driven by the 65-year-old woman who died in the accident.

It is evident that the driver of the flatbed truck caused the crash, the injuries and the death. The circumstances of there being heavy traffic that caused the pickup driver to stop on the road indicates that the flatbed driver was not paying sufficient attention to stop his vehicle in time. When a vehicle rear-ends another vehicle, the driver of the offending vehicle is liable for any injuries to the inhabitants of the struck vehicle.

The fact that the flatbed continued into the oncoming traffic can only mean that the driver had lost complete control and was not able to stop the vehicle. These are all indications of truck driver negligence, or even reckless driving. Pursuant to Texas law, the injured parties and the estate of the decedent may recover damages against the truck driver and the driver’s employer. The employer is liable under an agency principle, which says that the negligence of the employee, that is committed in the course of his employment, is attributed to the employer by operation of law.

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