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Serious injuries require top protocols for blood transfusions

| Jul 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

When someone is seriously injured in a vehicular accident in Texas, personal injury attorneys are skilled in assisting the victim and his or her family in making a claim for monetary damages. A professional, experienced legal advocate is essential to obtaining the maximum monetary recovery available under the circumstances. First, however, where there are serious injuries, the primary focus is on the victim’s medical treatment and prospects for physical survival.

While the victim is fighting for his or her life, undergoing emergency surgery, or being put through a battery of diagnostic tests, the victim and family members are going through a very traumatic experience under totally unexpected conditions. Some seriously injured victims do not survive the ordeal. Fortunately, advances in traumatic care happen all the time and are available here in Texas and nationwide to alleviate some of the suffering that has traditionally occurred.

One of the most traumatic experiences that accident victims may undergo is being extricated from a horrific tangle of crushed steel and airlifted by emergency crews to a nearby hospital. Loss of blood is often a critical issue in such scenarios, making a new program at the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center a welcomed benefit. The program makes blood transfusion available on 18 different helicopter sizes. It is also whole blood, which makes the chances for survival greater.

When a negligent driver causes an accident in Texas, the new blood transfusion technology will improve the chances for those with serious injuries. The road back from such a trauma, however, may be long and difficult. The challenges may seem insurmountable. In such times, the advantages of having experienced legal counsel working early on in the case are of enormous value.