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Traffic stop leads to drug charges

| Nov 22, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

One would think that those who are trying to avoid interaction with police would be very careful with their actions and would try not to draw attention to themselves. Often, however, those arrested for serious crimes would not have been caught had it not been for carelessness. Traffic offenses have led to the arrest of many for much more serious crimes. That is the case with a Texas man who was recently arrested for drug charges following a traffic stop.

A Texas man who had an active parole warrant for his arrest was pulled over by police for a traffic offense. The officer asked the man to get out of his vehicle, but instead the man, apparently aware of his warrant, decided to flee. Police say he sped away, leading them on a chase that ended with his vehicle in a ditch. After crashing, the man is said to have fled on foot, though he was soon found by a police K-9 unit.

Police claim the individual was holding a stolen gun in his hand, but the K-9 officer disarmed him. During a search of his vehicle, methamphetamine of an undisclosed amount was found. The man was arrested and charged with several crimes, including delivery of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

Most likely, the man would have avoided arrest had it not been for the traffic stop. He now faces drug charges as well as charges for a parole violation. The accused and others in a similar situation will likely benefit by the help of an experienced Texas defense attorney to protect all applicable legal rights and fight for the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances.