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Rap video leads to 20 receiving felony or misdemeanor charges

| Dec 13, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Many of today’s rap videos seem the same. In most there are a bunch of guys hanging out, usually with cars or guns being shown off, girls dancing around and money raining down. Yet another rap video was following a similar format while being filmed in a Texas park in March, and now, after months of investigation, 20 men are facing felony or misdemeanor charges related to the video.

It appears that the rappers in the video made a number of bad decisions that led to their trouble with police. The video was apparently shot in a Texas park that is located next to an elementary school. Police say it occurred around the time school was being dismissed, so some students even made it into the video.

The men in the video were said to be holding guns that drew the attention of passersby. Reports were made to the police about a large number of men in the park with guns. Police say there were about a dozen loaded guns being brandished in the video, most of which were stolen. When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they say many of the men dropped the guns and fled. Reportedly, drugs were also found at the scene.

Police analyzed the rap video to identify the men. They claim that the men in the video were known gang members and rappers, most with prior felonies that made it illegal for them to possess firearms. After months of investigation, 20 men were charged with illegal possession of a firearm and a variety of other charges. As of this time, more than half of the men are in state or federal custody, and the rest remain at large.

The men in the video face a variety of both felony and misdemeanor charges. Like others in their situation, they will each need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them defend against the charges they face. An experienced attorney will use his or her experience and skill to get charges dismissed or reduced, when possible.