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The grief of divorce can be overcome

| Jan 23, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples in Texas and elsewhere experience the same emotions when it comes to divorce. A bitter divorce in particular can come with a heavy dose of grief; however, that grief isn’t forever. It will eventually pass. There are several steps to the grieving process, and approaching them with the right attitude can help one move through each one until the burden is lifted.

First, one must accept that the divorce is imminent. True acceptance allows the grief to begin. Once it starts flooding in, acknowledging it and all of the emotions that accompany it will be the beginning of the self-awareness and self-growth that must occur. There are at least five stages of grief, and each one must be walked through to reach the end. Sometimes stages are revisited, and that is normal.

Anger is almost always a byproduct of divorce. It can be a helpful emotion by providing energy and motivation when faced with adverse circumstances. Focusing on anger will also allow one to ignore other emotions such as sadness he or she is not ready yet to face. Anger can be helpful, but one must be careful to keep it in check and not allow it to lead to bad decisions.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is an imperative step in overcoming the grief of divorce. In most cases, if they are honest, both spouses would have to admit that they played some role in the problems that ended their marriage. Acknowledging that will allow personal growth and the opportunity to begin to empathize with the other spouse. This leads to the ultimate goal, which is to be able to have compassion and gratitude for each other. When this is achieved, both spouses are able to look back on their time together with happiness and acceptance while moving forward with new, separate adventures.

The grief process can be challenging, so seeking help from a third party is a good idea. Trained therapists can give helpful, unbiased advice. Support groups can offer friendship and understanding. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can provide guidance in navigating the Texas legal system and keep the process focused and moving forward. With the right approach and a good support system, one can overcome the burden of grief and move forward to a happier future.