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Infant killed and 2 others injured in drunk driving accident

| Mar 10, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents happen daily in almost every town. It’s an accepted risk all take when getting into a vehicle. What isn’t expected is to be involved in an accident when not even inside the vehicle. That is what happened to some San Antonio shoppers recently who were victims of a drunk driving accident while loading their purchases into their cars.

Shoppers outside a San Antonio Dollar General store were casually loading their purchases into their cars when a drunk driver in a pickup truck came speeding into the parking lot. The driver slammed into one woman’s shopping cart where her 1-year-old was sitting. The infant was thrown from the cart due to the impact. The mother was also hit before the pickup hit a second woman and her car.

All three victims were taken to the hospital. The infant tragically died as a result of her injuries. The mother’s condition is unknown. The second woman, who is in her 60s, was thrown several feet from the impact and was last listed in critical condition.

The driver of the truck is a 25-year-old man. He had no injuries noted. He has been arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault charges.

Car accidents happen, but drunk driving accidents are 100 percent preventable. In addition to criminal charges, drunk drivers can face civil claims as well. A victim of a drunk driving accident can file a civil claim to recover the monetary damages incurred as a result of the driver’s negligent behavior such as medical bills and lost wages. If the victim dies, the victim’s family can file a wrongful death claim for medical bills, end of life expenses, lost wages and other damages incurred as a result of the accident. An experienced attorney can advise a victim of his or her legal rights and how to best pursue recovery of these financial losses.