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Meth disguised as Easter candy and ecstasy recovered in bust

| May 1, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies worked together over the past year to perform a series of arrests that targeted gang, drug and gun crimes in the San Antonio area. Police recently arrested seven men who were allegedly members of a local gang that was involved in drug trafficking. According to police, the men were involved with the distribution of cocaine and meth.

The individuals have been charged with a series of drug offenses. They are accused of selling powder and crack cocaine as well as meth. According to police, some of the 20 kilograms of meth that was recovered was disguised as ecstasy while more of it was actually made to look like Easter candy. In addition to the drugs police claim to have found, nine guns were also reportedly recovered.

Numerous law enforcement agencies say they have worked closely together for over a year on this anti-gang initiative. They claim they have been focusing on the gang and violence problem that has been overtaking San Antonio streets, making it unsafe for children. Agencies involved in this bust range from San Antonio police to the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI.

The defendants have been charged with a variety of crimes, and each face from five to 40 years in prison, if convicted. Drug charges involving meth and cocaine are serious offenses and can have serious consequences. Not everyone arrested is guilty of the crimes, however. In fact, all of presumed innocent of the accusations unless and until prosecutors prove otherwise in court. An experienced defense attorney can assist those accused of these charges in developing a strong defense and combating the serious and sometimes inaccurate allegations against them.