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Child support an important topic during and after divorce

| Jun 10, 2019 | Child Custody & Support |

Getting a divorce is not an easy task, even under the best of circumstances. When Texas parents end their marriages, they may have many concerns about how the changes will affect their children as well as their own financial situations. Because raising children is expensive, child support often comes into play when parents divorce.

As most people know, child support refers to the monetary support payments one parent provides to the other in order to pay for the needs of the children. Typically, the payments come from the noncustodial parent and are paid to the custodial parent, but it can apply to joint custody situations as well. The court will usually have a final say in how much child support is required for a specific case, and the financial information of both parents and how much time the children spend with each parent is typically considered when reaching conclusions regarding support amount.

Of course, circumstances for either parent can change significantly at any given moment. As a result, a court order for support that may have been applicable to the circumstances at the time it was created may not be feasible in the future. In such a scenario, parents may need to file a petition with the court in efforts to seek support modifications.

Child support can be a difficult topic to address, and some Texas parents may not feel entirely happy with the terms of their court order. Still, it is important to remember the purpose of this support and that parents must comply with court orders or risk serious repercussions. If parents have concerns over reaching support agreements or seeking modifications, they may wish to discuss the subject with their legal counsel.