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Serious charge results for man accused in DWI crash

| Jun 24, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Anyone’s day can turn from bad to worse if a situation results in criminal charges. An individual may have been driving and ended up in an accident, and that accident may have resulted in a charge for DWI. This type of situation is certainly stressful, and a person charged will likely benefit from exploring defense options.

One man in Texas is likely having concerns over his situation after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that an officer was conducting a traffic stop when his police cruiser was hit from behind by another vehicle. The initial impact caused the police car to then collide with the other stopped vehicle. The officer was inside his vehicle at the time of the incident and apparently suffered multiple injuries. He was taken to an area hospital and later released.

The man accused of hitting the police car was also taken to the hospital, and blood tests allegedly indicated that his blood alcohol concentration level was three times the legal limit. The report also stated that the man showed several signs of intoxication, but it did not detail what those signs were. Currently, he is facing a charge for intoxication assault of a peace officer.

Facing serious charges associated with DWI means that this man will likely want to find his best possible options for addressing the allegations. Finding viable criminal defense routes is not always easy, but having the right information can certainly help. This man may want to gain information from local Texas legal resources regarding the exact charges he faces and how he may be able to handle the accusations.