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Unpredictable car accidents can often have fatal outcomes

| Jun 17, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Unfortunately, a number of mishaps could take place on roadways that lead to serious accidents. Though many serious car accidents are preventable, some events may have been unpredictable. Still, those unpredictable events could lead to severe or even fatal injuries to travelers, and families may be left with questions.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash took place in Texas. Apparently, a pickup truck was heading east when the trailer the truck was towing became detached. The trailer was carrying a tractor, and when it detached from the eastbound truck, the trailer veered into the westbound lane of travel. The trailer then collided with a westbound vehicle that was carrying three people.

The incident resulted in both the driver and the front-seat passenger in the westbound vehicle suffering severe injuries. Sadly, they succumbed to those injuries after being transported to an area medical center. A back-seat passenger was critically injured in the incident. The pickup truck driver did not suffer injuries as he was not directly involved in the crash. It was not mentioned whether any charges could result from this fatal incident.

The family of the victims killed in this crash are undoubtedly heartbroken by the outcome. Car accidents that have fatal results can lead to substantial difficulties for surviving loved ones, and this Texas collision also resulted in the critical injuries for the surviving passenger. As a result, it may be warranted for the family to consider wrongful death and personal injury claims options. These civil claims could allow them to pursue compensation for damages stemming from the crash.