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3 tips for those missing friends and family during divorce

| Jul 21, 2019 | Firm News |

A divorce has the potential to break up extended families for good, even when they were very close prior to the split. You might be friendly with your spouse’s family and friends, but a divorce can put an end to those amicable relationships.

The reason for that is because many people feel as if they must take sides. A person’s family is more likely to take their side instead of the ex-spouse’s because they’ll have to live with the aftermath of the broken familial ties.

For you, losing the connection to others in your life might be difficult, but there are ways to cope. Here are a few ideas for handling the emotional side of divorce.

1. Know that time heals

Even if you can’t be on good terms with your ex’s family now, it doesn’t mean that will last forever. If you have children, in particular, it’s likely that old bonds will heal over time for the children’s sake.

It’s reasonable to believe that people will have to “choose sides” to start with. Realistically, some may just distance themselves from the entire situation to avoid causing more trouble. Over time, people who miss you or who want to talk to you likely will again, so you just have to be patient and prepared for the changes that can occur because of a divorce.

2. Be prepared to go it alone

You should prepare yourself for the inevitable loss of your spouse’s family and their support. Although they may agree with you or want you and your spouse to stay together, the reality is that you’re separating yourself from your spouse and their family. It’s best for most people to separate themselves completely to help resolve the divorce without others trying to influence them or the outcome.

3. Talk to a professional

Finally, talk to a professional if the impact of a divorce is seriously affecting you. They may have great ideas on how to handle those emotions and feelings, so you can focus on the legal aspects of your case without as much trouble. Doing this is a good idea, because having someone to talk to can give you a better perspective on the situation and keep you in the right frame of mind to work through your divorce.

Your attorney will do all they can to help you through your divorce. With support, you can resolve your divorce in less time and move on.