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Felony charge, other allegations likely after corpse found

| Jul 23, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The choices that some people make can seem unbelievable to others. In fact, many individuals may never understand why a person decided to take or to not take certain actions. Of course, there are two sides to each story, and even if a person’s decisions result in him or her facing felony charges, that person’s side of the story should still be heard.

One woman in Texas will undoubtedly want to tell her side of the story after an unusual situation led to her arrest. According to reports, Child Protective Services were investigating a home when they came across the remains of the 49-year-old woman’s mother. Apparently, the 71-year-old mother and grandmother had fallen in the home, and rather than getting her assistance for her injuries, the woman left her mother on the floor where she eventually died. Her remains had apparently been decaying in one room of the home for the last three years.

The woman’s daughter also lived in the home, and the two shared one bedroom while the older woman’s corpse remained in the other bedroom. Authorities took the woman into custody on a felony charge of injury to a child under 15 as they believe the child suffered ill effects from living in a home with the decomposing corpse. It was also mentioned that other charges will likely result.

The circumstances surrounding this situation will certainly be important to the woman’s case. The felony charge and other allegations that she could face may be difficult to address, and she will undoubtedly want to learn more about how to handle the charges brought against her. Information from local Texas legal resources may be useful to her at this time.