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Joint child custody needs the right schedule

| Jul 1, 2019 | Child Custody & Support |

Ending a marriage can be difficult for any Texas resident, but for individuals with children, additional difficulties may be a part of their cases. Child custody arrangements can certainly be a sticking point for many people, but for some parents, joint custody may be the agreement they feel will best suit their families. Of course, parenting together after divorce is not always easy.

Fortunately, parents can put their best foot forward when it comes to making a joint custody arrangement work as best as possible. One reminder that could help parents want to make the situation work out is that the custody terms are for the kids and not for the parents. With both parents understanding that they need to do what is best for their children, it may be easier for them to carry out actions that they may not have wanted to otherwise, such as seeing an ex often.

Additionally, it may work for parents to create a schedule that suits the schedules of the parents and the kids. Some parents may appreciate a schedule that allows the kids to have two days with one parent, the next two days with the other parent and then three days with the first parent before alternating the next week. Another arrangement to consider is one full week with one parent and the next full week with the other parent. Of course, the exact arrangements will depend on the details of the family, scheduling and overall feasibility of schedule plans.

Joint custody can be beneficial for the children as it could allow them to see both of their parents more regularly. However, this type of child custody arrangement does not work for all families. Texas parents going through divorce will certainly want to assess their specific family dynamics and find the terms that best suit the needs of their children.