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Moving after divorce could be affected by property division

| Jul 10, 2019 | Divorce |

Moving on after ending a marriage can be difficult. Though some people may feel ready to make major changes as soon as the divorce case gets underway, that may not be feasible. In fact, many of the actions that Texas residents may be able to take could depend on the terms of their court orders or settlements, including those related to property division.

It is common for at least one person to find new living arrangements after ending a marriage. Some people may feel ready to start getting rid of items, buying new decor or taking some of their old things with them, but doing so before the divorce is finalized could spell trouble. Taking assets that may not belong to a person by the time the case comes to an end could result in legal repercussions.

Of course, when the time does come to make a space one’s own, it is not something that has to be rushed into. Individuals may find it useful to take their time when redecorating in efforts to make their new arrangements feel like home. A lot of the stress and steps taken during divorce can cause individuals to feel rundown, and taking a step back before changing up everything in the home may be wise.

If individuals are worried about how moving and taking items could affect their cases, they may want to talk with their attorneys. These legal professionals can explain how property division could affect Texas residents’ abilities to simply take what they want when moving to a new home. Of course, if parties have particular items they would like to fight to keep after their divorce cases, they can also work with their legal counsel on negotiating for those items.