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Mother facing felony charge after child hit by car

| Aug 21, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

It is an unfortunate reality that one mistake could have harrowing and irreversible outcomes. Though a person may already feel devastated by the results of his or her mistake, it is also possible for other consequences to result, such as criminal charges. In some cases, parties may end up having to defend against felony allegations.

One young woman in Texas is currently facing such a tragic ordeal. According to reports, the 18-year-old mother was walking through a parking lot at an apartment complex when her 18-month-old son was hit by a vehicle. The mother had apparently gotten well ahead of the child as he walked across the parking lot. A neighbor entered a vehicle and ran over the child after presumably not seeing him.

The incident resulted in the child suffering fatal injuries. Authorities filed a felony charge for child endangerment against the mother claiming that she acted recklessly by not paying attention to the child while in the parking lot. At the time of the report, the driver of the vehicle had not been charged, but family members of the child are hoping charges will come about.

The loss of a child under any circumstances is devastating, and this young Texas mother now has even more difficulties to face. She will undoubtedly have a hard time throughout her legal process simply due to the emotional nature of the case. In efforts to put her best foot forward in facing the felony charge against her, she may want to become more knowledgeable about her available defense options.