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Child support can be a touchy subject for parents

| Oct 1, 2019 | Child Custody & Support |

When child custody outcomes result in one parent having more time with the kids than the other, it can be difficult for the noncustodial parent. In addition to not seeing the kids as much, this parent may also have the obligation of paying child support. While most Texas parents do want to help support their children, these payments can be controversial in some cases.

For some noncustodial parents, it can be difficult to want to pay support when the custodial parent does not follow the custody arrangement. If that parent will not let the kids see the other parent or otherwise does not stick to the terms of the custody order, the noncustodial parent may feel the need to withhold child support. However, support payments are required by law, and if the parent stops paying, he or she could face legal repercussions. Instead, going back to court to address the custody issues is a wiser step.

Another reason some noncustodial parents may feel the need to go back to court is if their circumstances have changed and the support agreement no longer suits those circumstances. Parents can seek a modification to the court order, but it must be approved by a judge. A parent cannot simply begin making a different payment on his or her own.

Child support can be a touchy subject for many parents, whether they are receiving payments or making them. Still, it is an important aspect of many family law cases because children often need this financial support. If Texas parents have concerns about their support agreements, they may want to speak with their legal counsel before making any decisions.