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Planning for divorce does not doom a marriage

| Oct 8, 2019 | Divorce |

Getting married is a major life event. Two people have made the decision to intertwine their lives and plan to be together for the duration of those lives. Of course, many married couples do go through divorce, and preparing for such a possibility is often wise, particularly when it comes to property division.

Even if Texas residents truly believe that their marriages will stand the test of time, creating a prenuptial agreement is not a bad idea. This agreement can detail how certain property could be divided in the event of divorce, and it can even be used to create financial boundaries and address debt. If one party has a considerable amount of debt, the prenup could help ensure that it does not become the liability of the other party during a divorce.

Additionally, if individuals want to make sure that their separate property, or property obtained before marriage, stays separate, they may find it useful to have documentation. It is not always easy to prove that certain property was owned by one person before the marriage took place, so having purchase records could act as evidence if it comes into question. The same could go for certain bank accounts because the institutions do not keep records indefinitely.

Certainly, bringing up the topic of divorce before tying the knot can seem like a touchy subject. However, having certain safeguards in place could be a relief later. Plus, making such preparations does not mean that a marriage is doomed from the start, and some couples may never need to utilize the plans they create. Still, it may be a smart move for Texas residents to discuss prenups and other precautions with family law attorneys.