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Dash cam video may help you prove fault in car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Car Accidents |

If you spend any time on media sharing sites like YouTube, you have probably seen some crazy and dangerous car accidents captured on video. These videos are frightening because they show you what could happen when you come car-to-car with a negligent motorist.

Aside from educating you, what can dashcam footage do for victims of severe car accidents here in Texas? In some instances, footage from your car’s dashboard camera may help you prove the other driver is liable for the injuries you suffered. 

  • The presence of any hazards that might have contributed to the crash
  • Evidence showing that the other motorist caused the accident
  • Clues about the identity of a driver who fled the scene of a car accident
  • Proof that the other motorist broke traffic laws, which caused or contributed to the collision

Are there any disadvantages of dashcam footage? Well, if you caused or contributed in some way to the car accident, your footage may implicate you as the liable party after a wreck. However, if you always strive to obey the laws and drive safely, there is little risk that your footage could work against you.

To be sure, take your video to a law firm for review. Together, you can look at the footage and try to determine exactly what occurred at the time of the crash. This enables your attorney to provide you with specific recommendations about your legal options if you wish to seek injury compensation.

Using dash cams may also have an unexpected additional benefit. When drivers in San Antonio and other cities understand that their behavior behind the wheel may be recorded, they may begin to drive more safely.