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Find out if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Having a criminal record affects many areas of a person’s life. The most common negative consequences associated with a criminal record include:

  • Difficulty finding employment
  • Loss of your reputation
  • Difficulty acquiring a line of credit
  • Loss of personal relationships
  • Difficulty renting or purchasing a home

Even if you mounted a successful criminal defense and a Texas court did not convict you, the arrest will still appear on your record. Fortunately, it might be possible to have your background wiped clean, which will help you manage the parts of your life affected by your arrest.

Having your criminal record expunged is just like the arrest never happened at all. This means that potential employers, landlords and other parties need never know that you once faced criminal charges. 

Not all criminal arrests and convictions qualify for expungement. It is wise to consult with a criminal defense professional to discuss your eligibility. In the meantime, the list below contains some instances in which expungement may be possible.

  • Charges were filed against you and then dismissed
  • You were found not guilty of criminal charges
  • The prosecutor in your case recommends expungement
  • You were initially convicted and then found innocent
  • The governor of Texas or the U.S. President granted you a pardon
  • It has been months or years since your conviction (ask a lawyer for details)
  • You successfully completed any court-ordered pretrial or diversion programs

Making a mistake should not result in lifelong repercussions in many cases. If you would like to pursue expungement to wipe your criminal history clean, please talk with a legal professional.