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Car accidents: Texas community mourns tragic loss

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Car Accidents |

In Texas and beyond, summer months often produce increased numbers of motorcyclists on highways throughout the state. Those who travel by motorcycle, especially in groups, are obligated to adhere to the same traffic laws and safety regulations as all other motorists. Drivers in cars or trucks often place motorcyclists at risk for injury when they are distracted or otherwise negligent behind the wheel. Tragic car accidents often result in motorcyclist fatalities.

A recent collision involved a group of travelers who belonged to the same motorcycle club. One minute they were riding along together, and the next, a nearby vehicle veered across the centerline of traffic. The vehicle crashed into the group of motorcyclists.

When two cars collide, the sudden force of impact often causes those in the vehicles to hit their heads or suffer whiplash from sudden jarring of their neck and upper body regions. When a collision involves a motorcycle, injuries are often life-threatening. Sadly, three of the riders who were hit by the wayward vehicle in the recent crash suffered fatal injuries.

In addition to the three people who died, nine people suffered injuries in the collision as well. People who survive their injuries in Texas car accidents often seek restitution by filing claims in civil court against those responsible for damages. An experienced personal injury law attorney can provide strong support to an injured victim, or to an immediate family member who wishes to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased victim.