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Texas pedestrian killed in collision

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A Texas intersection was the scene of a tragedy on a recent Sunday evening. Intersections are known to be especially dangerous sections of roadway, and drivers are responsible for remaining cautious and alert when navigating them. Sadly, the recent collision, which is said to have occurred at 7:19 p.m., resulted in death of a pedestrian.

Reportedly, two vehicles were involved in the crash. When responders arrived at the scene, a 56-year-old woman was down in the road. Preliminary investigations confirmed that the woman had been struck by one of the vehicles while walking nearby. It was not initially reported exactly where the pedestrian was in relation to the vehicles at the time of the crash.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Police say they are still investigating the accident. Apparently, one of the vehicles was eastbound at the time of the crash, with the other coming from the opposite direction.

Sadly, too many Texas families already know what it is like to receive a phone call informing them of a loved one’s sudden and unexpected death. Finding out that a loved one’s death would have been preventable had it not been for driver negligence only makes it worse. Immediate family members may seek justice on behalf of a deceased loved one by filing a wrongful death claim against the person deemed responsible for the collision. This type of litigation is typically highly stressful and challenging, which is why most plaintiffs ask experienced personal injury attorneys to represent them in court.