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Resolving high conflict child custody issues

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Child Custody & Support |

Divorce is not easy, and it is even more stressful if the spouses in question have a contentious relationship. When it comes to negotiating a child custody agreement in Texas, if there’s high conflict between two parents, achieving a fair and comprehensive settlement may be challenging. There are several ways to keep conflict and stress in check when addressing custody issues in divorce.

Building a strong support network from the start is a good way to ensure you can easily access assistance as needed. This network might include anyone from trusted friends and family members, teachers, therapists, financial advisers or legal advocates. Beyond that, parents can try their best to work as a team to resolve child custody and other divorce-related matters.

It is best to think and plan ahead rather than enter negotiations or litigation proceedings without having prepared. For instance, if a concerned parent knows that a specific issue will be raised that typically causes an argument, he or she can plan how to respond and stay calm to avoid confrontation. When the primary goal is to avoid conflict and achieve a fair settlement that focuses on children’s best interests, it is a good idea to practice effective communication tools, such as speaking in nonconfrontational tones and carefully choosing words that will not be perceived as hurtful or accusing toward a co-parent.

If a co-parent says something about child custody or another divorce issue during negotiations or litigation, the other parent will want to avoid making assumptions if he or she is not 100% certain of the meaning. The same goes for legal issues. It is always best to seek clarification before agreeing to anything or signing any documents. A Texas parent who is worried about possible confrontation in court can enlist support from an experienced family law attorney to act as his or her personal advocate during proceedings.