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Drunk driver caused fatal collision in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A Texas family who had spent the day moving one of its members into a new home had no way of knowing it was the last time they would ever be together. A tragic collision occurred late in the day that left surviving family members grief-stricken and mourning the loss of a young mother and three of her kids, including a 7-month-old baby boy. The tragedy occurred when an alleged drunk driver caused a horrific collision.

Woman’s mother issued a statement after the crash

The mother of the driver and grandmother of the 3 kids in the vehicle that was struck said her daughter and grandkids had spent the day helping her move into a new home. They were hauling one last load of belongings when the crash occurred. The mother was traveling with several of her other grandchildren in one vehicle that was a few moments behind her daughter’s vehicle in traffic.

The grandmother noticed trouble up ahead on the road. A vehicle appeared to have burst into flames. Sadly, it was the truck her daughter was driving. She and her young baby were killed in the impact. Another driver, who is believed to have been intoxicated at the time, struck the truck the daughter was driving. The driver had reportedly been pulled over by police earlier that day, at which time an officer is said to have confiscated marijuana from the man’s car but did not take him into custody; the officer claims that the man showed no signs of intoxication during the traffic stop.

Surviving victims were flown to a nearby trauma center

The other two occupants of the truck, also the children of the driver, were flown to a trauma center after they survived the initial impact in the collision. Ages 5 and 2, both later died from their injuries. If a drunk driver is deemed responsible for a fatal collision, an immediate family member of the decedent may file a wrongful death claim in civil court to seek restitution for documented monetary damages. In this particular case, grounds may exist for a claim against the man who caused the accident as well as the police department whose officer earlier stopped the man and confiscated marijuana but allowed him to continue to drive.