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Texas police say illegal drugs were in Home Depot buckets

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

When a Texas police officer makes a traffic stop, the officer is supposed to inform the driver why he or she has been pulled over. In most cases, police must secure a search warrant to conduct a search of a vehicle or person. A recent traffic stop occurred where police began to search a vehicle after making a traffic stop and have since claimed that they found a substantial amount of illegal drugs hidden in Home Depot buckets in the bed of the truck.  

Police say 2 men fled the scene 

Officers say that the driver of the pickup truck and a passenger jumped out of the vehicle while they were conducting their search. The two men reportedly took off running and police were unable to catch up with them. The investigation is still active, and police are searching for the two men, whom they described as Hispanic.  

Substances must be sent to a lab for testing 

When Texas police seize a substance from a person’s vehicle, they must do more than claim that it is an illegal drug. There are stringent rules regarding how to physically handle potential evidence, including sending it to a laboratory for testing. Criminal court judges often rule that evidence is inadmissible because it was tampered with or mishandled during a search and seizure.  

It is never a good idea to flee the scene of a traffic stop 

It is likely that police will eventually find the two men who reportedly left the scene. Attempting to flee the scene of a Texas traffic stop or collision will undoubtedly make matters worse, and increase the likelihood of facing serious criminal charges. If police search a vehicle, it is a good idea to request criminal defense support before answering any questions under investigation.