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A woman is facing drug charges in Texas

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A 55-year-old Texas woman is currently residing in an Orange County jail because of drug-related issues that reportedly led to her arrest. On a recent Thursday, police entered and searched the woman’s home. Investigators say they executed a validly authorized search warrant before doing so. Police arrested the woman at the scene, claiming to have found evidence of felony drug crimes.

Detectives say that they found 13 types of pills

During their search, investigators claim to have found many pills in the woman’s home. When a person is charged with a drug crime, police must send any substance they claim to be an illegal drug to a forensics laboratory for testing to confirm that it is what they suspect it to be. In this case, investigators not only seized 13 kinds of pills during their search but also a substance they believed to be methamphetamine, as well as a handgun and drug paraphernalia.

Police say the residence was a drug distribution center

Investigators say they believe the woman was using her home as a base to distribute illegal drugs in the community. The woman is also a local business owner. Police claim to have evidence that she was distributing illegal drugs through the game room she owns, as well. A separate investigation has been initiated at the game room where law enforcement officials say there is evidence that illegal gambling is taking place.

Every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to refute charges

When a Texas resident is facing drug charges, he or she is guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges in court. In the past, many cases have been dismissed due to lack of evidence or personal rights violations against a defendant in the way evidence was acquired. Because penalties under conviction of a drug crime can be severe, it is helpful to request legal representation as soon as one is made aware that he or she is the subject of a drug investigation.